5 Types Of Outdoor Advertising Your Brand Can Benefit From

OOHM which stands for Out-of-home marketing is still one of the top contenders in the marketing world in spite of popular beliefs and the effects of Covid. It is also referred to as Outdoor advertising. 

The word is pretty self-explanatory. Anything that you do outdoors to advertise your brand qualifies as an outdoor advertisement. The need for outdoor advertising remains at large since most people have resumed their usual commute to work in a post-pandemic world. Things are starting to go back to normal at a good pace and it’s therefore safe to assume that we can continue with our outdoor advertising campaigns without fear of a reduced ROI. 

The concrete presence of an outdoor advertisement works more to your advantage than the ever-changing advertisements on your mobile or computer. 

71% of consumers pay attention to the messages in OOH advertisements. If they read them and like it then there’s a chance of them being a potential customer. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that outdoor advertising isn’t valid anymore. 

OOH still proves to be a better reach than other media platforms. Take a look:

5 essential types of outdoor advertising your brand needs 

1. Billboards

Billboard designs are one of the oldest forms of outdoor advertising in the modern age. It stretches back nearly 200 years. When we speak of OOH marketing, most often than not, billboard designs are definitely included in the discussion. They are the physically largest form of advertising in the marketing world. 

It’s quite common to advertise on billboards on the side of a highway or a mall where there’s more traffic. This allows more people to take note of what’s advertised on it. Billboards come in different sizes but the most common one would be in the size 14’ x 48’. 

Advantages of billboard advertising
  1. Covers a large audience in the span of a day.
  2. Runs for longer than web-based ads thereby increasing ROI.
  3. Cost-effective than other forms of advertising.
  4. Helps get across the brand’s message in the simplest form.
  5. Due to its imposing nature, people will definitely look at it.
  6. Increases brand awareness in a short time.
Design Tips for effective billboard advertising
  1. Keep your content simple. No one has the time to read long sentences while driving.
  2. Make your message clear. Don’t confuse people with what you’re trying to say. A highway is no place for solving mysteries. 
  3. Use the correct fonts and the right sizing. Don’t make people squint behind the wheel. You don’t want to cause accidents. 
  4. Aim for high-contrast colors. The goal is to get noted. It’s not the time to go camouflage. 
  5. Say it with images. Humor those sleepy drivers but don’t go too far as to stop them in their tracks. 
2. Digital Billboards/Signage

Digital advertising is different than print advertising. Printed advertising relies on the design being actually printed and distributed somewhere. Normally digital advertising would also be limited to the screens on your mobile or laptop but with technological advancements, digital advertisements can now be displayed at large on storefronts to roadsides in the form of billboards and signage.

Digital billboards and signages are the traditional counterparts on steroids. There’s so much you can do with a digital billboard or signage. The possibilities are endless. 

Advantages of digital billboard advertising
  1. More room for creativity. 
  2. You can choose to go for a static image or mix in motion.
  3. People will connect more since their attention is quickly grabbed.
  4. You can quickly reach your target audience in a larger setting.
  5. More expressive than static advertising should you choose to go for a motion graphic.
  6. They’re great to be displayed during the night.
Design Tips for effective digital billboard advertising
  1. Invest in a good motion graphics designer. Don’t waste your time with amateurs.
  2. Remember you’re still advertising outdoors so keep it simple and to the point. Everyone is on their way somewhere.
  3. Use images to your advantage. Sometimes it’s better than words.
  4. Keep the location and audience in mind when designing. Advertising to the wrong demographic is a waste of money.
3. Street Furniture Advertising

Street furniture advertising is an outdoor advertising type that usually appears at places like bus stops, train stations, and bike stands. It’s mostly suitable for local advertisements. Regardless, anyone commuting would definitely take note since they don’t have much to do until their commute is over. It’s a clever way to make your target audience read your advertisement.

Also, these are quite popular in urban areas so there’s always the chance that even a pedestrian walking by would take note of an advertisement on a piece of street furniture. 

Advantages of street furniture advertising
  1. It’s quite cheap in comparison to other forms of corporate advertising. 
  2. Due to its cheap cost, you can advertise in multiple places increasing your chances of conversion.
  3. Since it’s targeted at a local audience there’s more value in advertising at the heart of the community.
  4. The chances of conversion are high since the same people will be seeing it over and over again. 
  5. You have the option of going digital with your advertisement if you prefer it. 
Design Tips for effective street furniture advertising
  1. Keep the material engaging. Relieve their stress from a long and hard day.
  2. Use a short copy.
  3. Use attractive colors to draw their attention. Best to avoid blending with the curb.
  4. Humor your audience. A timely joke or limerick puts a smile on someone’s face and makes your brand memorable.
4. Vehicle Wraps

Out of all the outdoor advertising types on this list, vehicle wraps are one of the most effective for mobile OOH advertising. This advertisement can be placed on either side of the vehicle or as a vinyl wrap that covers the entirety of the vehicle’s body. 

Advantages of vehicle wrap advertising
  1. High exposure that isn’t limited to one place.
  2. Increased brand awareness.
  3. It’s a great method of advertising for local businesses 
  4. You can keep running the advertisement for as long as you want.
  5. On average vehicle wrap advertising can generate up to 65,000 impressions
  6. Lower cost than other forms of advertising. 
Design Tips for effective vehicle wrap advertising
  1. Get creative. Your job is to attract people and keep them there.
  2. Make sure the content is good. No one loves corny content.
  3. Design with the vehicle in mind. People won’t bother reading details that have been cut off or in the wrong place.
  4. Show off your brand personality well. If your audience doesn’t know it’s you, what is the point?
  5. Always have your designer provide a mockup of the final output. If the designer doesn’t know how to do it, hire someone else. 
5. Store Signage 

Store signage might feel like an essential component in a physical store but did you also know that they have a strong role to play in your advertising? It is a visual representation, a taster for your store, delivered to your customers even before they step in. In other words, your store signage often makes the first contact with your audience. Naturally, it is an important part of outdoor advertising for a brand. 

And the best part is that you can have both traditional print signage and digital signage depending on your budget and the location of your store. Digital signage also gives you the benefit of customizing the design based on the occasion. Or when you have special discounts running. 

Advantages of store signage
  1. They are foundational blocks in branding 
  2. Store signages help with brand differentiation – they tell customers how your brand is different from your competitors. 
  3. Most importantly, they introduce your brand to your customers and help them find you. 
Design Tips for effective store signage
  1. Do not compromise on legibility – work with the right fonts and font styles.
  2. Say no to clutter – you don’t want to overwhelm your customers in their first encounter. 
  3. Pay attention to branding – use your brand fonts, brand colors, and your logo. 
  4. Monitor the response continuously and modify the design when required. 

What do we make of this?

Outdoor advertising is one of the biggest strategies you could implement in your marketing campaign. They target a mixed audience which helps you reach people of all sorts. 

Most outdoor advertising happens in urban areas. According to The World Bank, 56% of the world’s population lives in cities and the percentage is set to increase by at least half by the year 2050. The increase in urbanization can therefore add to your advantage when advertising outdoors. 

This should give you the encouragement to incorporate some of these outdoor advertising types into your next marketing strategy. There will be returns in the most unexpected ways. Don’t be fooled by the misconception that digital platforms are the only way to approach your target audience. Outdoor advertising can do wonders for your brand.

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