Podcast Audiograms: The Secret Ingredient to Help You Get Ahead

podcast audiograms

We always talk about visual content and its great standing in the world of marketing. But how do we market content that’s audio based? Podcasts are audio-based content that holds an invaluable place in the marketing world. But if you have a podcast that’s 100% audio-based how do you drive people to listen to it?

Audiograms! Podcast audiograms are the most excellent marketing asset you could create to popularize and tease your podcast.

 A podcast audiogram is a short video that’s layered with a static or animated image with texts, images of people, a sound wave, and an audio track (and in some cases, a transcription). These podcast audiograms will tease a portion of your podcast and help direct viewers to listen to the real deal. They help pique the interest of people just scrolling through, helping market your podcast to a wider demographic.

Listening to the audio snippet is actually the second thing that people will do. The first thing that will stop people in their tracks is the visual. The visual helps invite people in. Therefore, the overall design has to look spot on. It will help people verify how professional you are and if the podcast is worth listening to.

 So let’s dive into some important factors to remember when creating podcast audiograms.

 5 things to remember when creating a podcast audiogram

1. Grabbing Attention

There are various ways you can market your podcast. But the most successful way to do it is by using an appealing podcast audiogram. Grabbing attention is a key aspect of marketing and it’s all the same even when creating a podcast audiogram.

So one of the main ways a podcast audiogram can stand out is by the graphic design appeal it has. If your audiogram is designed and structured well, you will benefit greatly from it. This is why you should make sure to follow graphic design principles when creating your audiogram

2. Conveying Information

Information, and correct information for that matter, is vital in podcast marketing. People need to know what the podcast is about and how it’s going to help them. This should reflect in the audiogram. A sense of interest is created when viewers know exactly what they’re going to hear and who they’re going to hear from.  

When designing the podcast audiogram it’s important to keep these thoughts in mind so as not to miss the whole point of the audiogram. 

Add all the relevant information that a viewer would require to respond positively to the podcast audiogram. If it doesn’t have all of this, the process of exposing them to your podcast is going to fail.

3. Creating Engagement

Like in any other form of marketing, engagement is vital to podcast marketing. Maybe even a bit more because as we’ve established, podcasts are an audio-based production. There is a chance that people wouldn’t get a chance to hear it. That’s why these podcast audiograms are so important. They give the audience a chance to connect with your podcast.

New York-based public radio station, WNYC was one of the first content creators to use an audiogram. It gave a massive boost to their engagement levels.

The podcast audiogram can help to a great extent in hooking them to go listen to the actual podcast. That’s why the snippet you use also has to be one of the peak points of your podcast.

4. Branding

Branding is one of the most critical things to maintain when creating podcast audiograms. You could have a great audiogram the first time around but if the branding wavers in the next 3-4 audiograms, you will have problems with establishing a firm brand identity. 

Simply put, your potential audience will have trouble keeping up with your content if you keep changing the audiogram outlook too much.

Variation is good and helps keep the content fresh but that doesn’t mean you go for an overhaul each time and completely boycott your brand guidelines

Users scroll through a number of posts and videos each day. So proper usage of your brand guidelines will help them remember you. While at it you’re marketing your brand too.

Here’s a good example of how branding is consistently maintained. 

5. Optimize For Each Platform

It’s not just enough to feature podcast audiograms on one marketing channel. If you want to make an impact, the secret is to feature them on multiple channels.

That’s why the podcast audiograms you design need to be optimized for different platforms. As we’re well aware, different platforms have different specifications for designs. So making sure you create different dimensions of your podcast audiogram will ensure everything is professionally done. 


Let’s recap the takeaways 

All of this should help you realize that podcast audiograms are an amazing way to market your podcast. In fact, it is the most perfect way to help draw people to engage with your podcast. 

50% of non-podcast listeners say they don’t know where to find podcasts. So a podcast audiogram will help promote your podcast on social media whereby they can be directed to the full podcast via a link in the caption.  

Since these podcast audiograms are teasers there’s an intriguing quality in it that keeps people interested. After hearing that peak point on the audiogram they would definitely want to continue listening. But remember that the first thing that will draw attention is the visual. The graphic design of the podcast audiogram helps make a huge difference in how it’s perceived by people.  

 In a survey conducted by Headliner, it shows that a post with an audiogram created more engagement as opposed to a simple static image.

So make sure to get the best out of it. There’s so much riding on your design that it’s crucial to get it right. A properly designed podcast audiogram will speak volumes to a user on the quality of the podcast content.

So go ahead and use a properly designed podcast audiogram to enhance engagement and drive podcast growth. Keep in mind the tips we’ve shared above and you’ll be on your way to success.

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