Podcast Cover Art – 7 Useful Tips For Better Designs

Blogs, vlogs, and podcasts are some of the ways in which content creators share their stories, ideas, and opinions with the rest of the world. Irrespective of the platform you choose to share these content formats, you need a strong plan of action to keep up with the platform. And this plan of action should include details about your page branding elements like the profile picture, cover image, and other graphics that set the stage. In the case of podcasts, the podcast cover art forms the core area of focus.

Do you have a catchy cover for your podcast? If not, then now is a good time to work on it. 

Why should prioritize a custom-designed podcast cover? 

A podcast cover art is the first formal introduction to your podcast. It is the visual element that influences the first impression your podcast makes on your audience. A simple image with the name of your podcast and in the dimensions supported by the podcasting platform is not enough. You need a custom-designed cover that captures your idea in the most effective way. Let’s look at some of the benefits of a sleek podcast cover. 

Knowing well that podcast covers have such a strong role to play in boosting the popularity and reach of a podcast, let’s talk about some tips to create a cover that stands out. 

Podcast cover- 7 tips for a thumb-stopping design 

1. Choose the right colors 

Every marketer and entrepreneur should understand color psychology because it comes in handy in several places. The colors you choose should reflect the emotions you wish to evoke through your podcast. 

For example, if your podcast talks about self-care, soothing pastels and minimalistic themes work really well. 

If you are podcasting to promote your brand or as a part of boosting brand engagement, then it would be really helpful if your podcast cover incorporates your brand colors in some form. The below podcast cover of Ted Talks incorporates the signature red color of the brand. 

2. Use imagery that resonates with the personality of your podcast 

Every podcast has its personality. And when this personality shines your podcast stays in your listeners’ minds. For this to happen, you need strong content and a consistent tone of delivery as well. But in addition to that, your podcast cover should reflect the personality of your podcast too. 

The above image features the podcast cover of The Joe Rogan Experience, the official podcast by comedian Joe Rogan. The funky illustration and vibrant color palette feel apt for the theme. 

The below cover is from the podcast, Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain. Emma Chamberlain shares any story or idea that comes to her mind recording her podcast from the comforts of her bed. The cover accurately captures the story behind the podcast. A cover that represents what makes your podcast unique is one that works. 

3. Pick fonts that resonate with the mood 

Like colors, font styles have their personalities too. Choose the right one and your podcast cover looks so much different. For example, using Comic Sans is definitely not the way to create a podcast cover that is meant to win the trust of your audience! You need a clean and traditional font style that represents authority and trust. 

In the below podcast cover, the chosen font has a strong personality. And this helps create a statement. 

4. Use as little text as possible 

When there is too much text on your podcast cover, it looks cluttered. The name of the podcast and the presenter are all the details that are required. If you do wish to incorporate your tagline do so with proper visual hierarchy. In other words, use font size variations and font style variations to segregate the text sections clearly. 

However, in general, aim at a clean podcast cover where the text is used sparingly. 

About 79% of podcast listeners in the U.S. listen to podcasts on a smartphone. On these small screens, your podcast cover needs to communicate the message without causing eye strain. So, you need a clutter-free design with minimal text.

Take a look at the podcast cover below. With minimal text and font style like the one in the below design, your podcast cover looks clear and easy to read even on a small screen. 

5. Identify the most suitable visual style 

There are different kinds of visual styles you can choose for your podcast cover like retro style, futuristic, abstract, minimalistic, grunge, and so on. Each style has its own fan base. The preferences here depend on factors like culture, age, and other aspects of audience demographics. So, understanding your audience helps you choose the right visual style that resonates with them. The decision should also depend on the theme of your podcast. 

For example, do you think a maximalist design with bright bold colors and large design elements will suit a podcast that entirely talks about minimalism? Not at all! 

On the other hand, a minimalistic style with soothing palettes like the one below feels absolutely relevant. 

6. Introduce your podcast to your listeners 

People share personal stories, opinions, or their knowledge and tips in different areas through podcasts. Which among these best describes your podcast? Use your cover image to depict the idea. This way, when people are searching for something to listen to, they’ll instantly know whether your podcast will interest them. 

From the below podcast cover, can you instantly tell that it is about pregnancy and focuses on the life of pregnant women? This kind of simplicity is exactly what makes a podcast cover memorable. 

7. Do not compromise on the quality 

Finally, after you put together all these elements to create a beautiful podcast cover, the quality of the design makes or breaks the whole process. From the dimensions of the image to the contrast of colors and text in the design every little aspect of quality matters. A great design that’s poorly executed is merely wasted time and effort. 

If you plan to DIY the cover, ensure that you use the best design tool with a good collection of templates and design elements. Or if that seems overwhelming work with a professional graphic designer for the job. 

Make your first impression the best one 

Being a podcaster isn’t easy today given the steadily growing reserve of podcasts out there. So, you need a strong marketing plan to spread the word and to increase the discoverability of your podcast. For all this, there should be a firm starting point and your podcast cover is often that starting point. It can be the beginning of your brand. Whether you have a podcast that promotes your brand or you host a podcast as a content creator, branding is something that you cannot ignore. So, prioritize your podcast cover design today and make a solid first impression on your audience. 

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