Podcast Promotion: 5 Must-Know Tips For New Podcasters

Communicating through audio has been a practice for generations. Think FM radio communication that was once the most reliable form of broadcasting information! Today we have a modern take on this – yes, we are talking about podcasts. The podcast has grown to become a content format accepted by diverse audiences for various reasons. So, if you are a podcaster, know that there is a good market for growth. But that also means stiff competition. Well, that makes it all the more important to think about strong podcast promotion strategies. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about some easy and effective tips for podcast promotion so that you can increase your audience base and strengthen the popularity of your podcast. 

Why podcast promotion is crucial 

About 26% of the people in the U.S. over the age of 12 listen to podcasts on a weekly basis. And that makes this a productive medium for businesses to use to connect with their target audience. So, as a podcaster, you should know that your competition is not just about other podcasters but also big brands with a strong brand presence. Therefore, you need to have a strong podcast promotion strategy in order to be heard amidst all the noise. 

In addition to this, the following reasons tell you why you need to take podcast promotion more seriously: 

Now, how can you make the most of these benefits? Let’s find out. 

Podcast promotion – 5 tips that actually work 

From posting quality content to identifying the right topics for each episode, you must already know about the basics of creating a podcast that garners attention. Let’s look at a few more tips from a marketing perspective. 

1. Define your audience 

No marketing plan works without a clear understanding of the audience. Just like businesses invest time and effort in defining and understanding their audience, you as a podcaster should know who you are talking to. That helps you not just in gathering the most engaging content ideas but also in strategizing the most effective podcast promotion strategies. 

When you define your audience clearly, you know where your audience is and how to reach them. You also know what kind of content to use in promoting your podcast in order to gain their attention and to keep them engaged. 

2. Pay attention to your podcast cover design

Why do brands use logos? To create an easy-to-remember visual representation of the brand. Your podcast cover design will do almost the same thing for your podcast. Without this visual identity for your podcast, your podcast promotion does not have a strong foundation. 

From attracting the right audience to your podcast to creating a strong identity for it, a podcast cover design helps in so many ways. 

As in the above example, your podcast can visually communicate with your audience telling them what your podcast is about. This helps them understand what to expect from your podcast and therefore know whether it is relevant to them. 

In most cases, you do not need a separate podcast cover design for each episode. But if you do end up creating different versions, make sure that they look consistent. 

When you create your podcast cover, remember that you’ll probably use the same design as the profile picture on the social media pages for your podcast. So you would want a design that stands out even when scaled down. 

3. Leverage social media 

When you are trying to build an audience, when you are trying to build a brand, social media can be your best friend. And for podcasters, it opens up several doors of opportunity. From making new connections and bringing in a new audience to your podcast to keeping your existing audience engaged, there’s so much you can do with social media. 

In addition to all this, you can also make use of paid ads on social media for your podcast promotion. This helps expand the reach of your podcast. 

What kind of content can you use for podcast promotion on social media? 

4. Don’t forget email marketing 

The below image shows a newsletter for the Going Through It podcast by MailChimp. It gives a brief background of the podcast episode. That’s one way to use email for podcast promotion. Details about your podcast speakers, hosts, and even the story behind that particular episode can be presented in a more elaborate way in your emails. 

With an email list in place, you have a better opportunity for lead generation and lead nurturing. Emails also help in brand-building. In short, they are valuable assets in podcast promotion. In addition to all these factors, email being a cost-effective high-conversion marketing strategy goes a long way in boosting the performance of a podcast on the whole. 

5. Create visually consistent designs 

While you take all the above measures to promote your podcast, you also need to ensure that you have a strong visual style in place. If your social media posts, your podcast cover image, and the emails you send out all look different from each other, do you think they’ll make an impact? Not at all. Consistent visual experience is critical to better brand engagement. 

The below image shows the Instagram page of one of the most popular podcasts in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience. 

The visual consistency in the above page is a visual delight for users. And for a highly visual medium like Instagram, aesthetics play a big role. 

Moreover, it’s not just about aesthetics. It is about building familiarity. By reusing the color schemes, fonts and the overall template the page creates a consistent experience. And this goes a long way in branding. That’s exactly what you need for your podcast. 

In addition to all this, there’s one crucial detail. All these elements create a visual style, a mood for your design. This mood should align with the mood of your podcast. Do you think a dull color palette will suit a podcast that talks about happiness? Probably not. A more cheerful palette with warm colors will be a much better choice. 

So, choose a visual style for your podcast and ensure that this style aligns with the theme and emotions of your podcast as well. 

Podcast promotion done right 

To execute all these podcast promotion strategies, you need a strong content plan. This includes good copy, and great designs. In case you are looking for a constant supply of promotional graphics to keep your podcast promotion always a step ahead, work with cost-effective options like unlimited design services. Another option is to use reliable DIY graphic design tools to create your designs yourself. But remember, quality content is indispensable in podcast promotion. 

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