Print Design In The Digital Era: 5 Reasons Why It’s Still Relevant

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It’s completely normal if you feel that the digital era has eradicated any value that print design had in the world. With the dawn of the 21st century, movies and other media campaigns fostered in us a feeling of fascination with the digital era. We all long for the days in which a paperless world would come.

This is what we’ve been led to believe. But to the dismay of digital-only believers, it’s not the case. Print design is very much valid in an era swarming with digital propaganda. Even after a global pandemic, with people still afraid to leave their homes, print designs flourish and are actually an ever-important need. 

What people forget is that all the advancements in technology have not only helped bring about the digital era but that they ushered in advancements to the print industry. And because of these advancements print designs can also be done in new and exciting ways. And to that end, print designs are much more relevant and needed in these times. 

Let’s take a look at some specific reasons why print design is still relevant.

5 Reasons why print design is still important

1. Print Design Offers Tangibility

A very obvious fact that marketers tend to forget is that people are shoved with advertising wherever they look. The competition is fierce. While on their phones they come across so many ads. From one advertisement they move on to the next without even a care about all the effort that went into that particular advertisement. In most cases, it’s lost forever. 

But the specialty of print design is that it’s tangible. People need to see and touch to fully immerse themselves in something. With print design, they are fully able to gain the experience of holding the design in their hand. This helps a great deal in engaging with the brand. 

For example, if you wanted to share contact details with a prospective client or someone in a professional setting it’s much more efficient (not to mention classier)  to hand them your business card. And that is one tangible print design that is ever-so-relevant, 

Benefits of print design in creating a tangible experience for the audience
2. Print Design Offers Credibility

There are so many scammers out there promising things that they cannot fulfill. The internet is filled with such people. How do we differentiate between those that are genuine and false? How do we decide between what’s good and what’s not? There are many ways to do it, but a printed design from a brand can be a representative of the brand’s credibility

On another note, if what you market isn’t credible then your campaign ends there without producing any fruit. One of the most successful methods for credibility is print design. When they know you aren’t afraid to be concrete about your proposals and what you offer they’re willing to trust you. What’s more, they will know for a fact that you have nothing to hide and that’s why you’re making your presence publicly known. 

Benefits of print design in creating a sense of trust and legitimacy for the brand
3. Print Design Offers Longevity

As opposed to the ever-changing host of advertisements and designs you come across on the internet, print design is reliable to stay put. On any digital device, it’s hard to recall an advertisement unless you type it out and try to search for it. Things change at such a fast rate that even the most engrossed mobile users can’t keep up with the variety of designs they come across in a day.

The difference in print design is that it offers longevity which in turn can yield good results. A  print design can be used for much longer than digital material. We know for a fact that everything has a lifespan. And as a marketer, you would love it if a campaign could run its course for longer making the maximum use of your efforts. This is why printed design matters. Since it has a longer lifespan it’s able to advertise your brand even after a campaign has come to an end. 

You could see the same poster or banner on your way to work which will definitely help you remember the brand for longer.

Benefits of print design in creating a lasting impression on the audience
4. Print Design Offers Brand Differentiation

One of the best things that print design offers is the chance to be different. Brands can go for so many different options because there are different materials that they can experiment with. 2 brands in the same industry can have 2 different kinds of product designs because with print design the scope is much wider and the possibilities are endless. 

Most people don’t consider this. So, while the world is chasing after the internet by choosing to advertise their designs digitally you could mix in print designs which are more versatile and will help differentiate your brand. 

Benefits of print design in standing out from the competition
5. Print Design Offers Design Versatility

Print design has the important element that any marketing material could possess and that’s versatility. Due to the fact that there are a host of options that print design brings to the table, it can be used in many different ways across different dimensions. This helps it stand out from its counterpart. 

Versatility is important in marketing because audiences regardless of gender and age get bored of the same things. Print design can be bent to adapt to almost any setting. Additionally, print design inherently has the quality of being multi-functional. 

When a design is multi-functional, maximum results can be attained from it. 

For example, posters can yield results in more than one way. They help boost brand awareness while sharing vital information about your brand or business and thereby displaying your brand’s identity. It’s the same with business cards. They can be used to share information not only with customers but also with business partners and other marketing personnel. 

Benefits of print design in allowing for a wide range of design options

What’s the bottom line?

The internet is so loud that 28.5% of users have enabled ad blockers. Despite the efforts of marketers people have considered internet ads a nuisance. To be honest digital web-based advertising can be a burden in some ways. How many of us struggle with a full inbox filled with correspondences that we are no longer interested in? We simply just hit delete and dismiss even after viewing them. 

Print design is different. Due to its versatility people don’t mind its presence in their everyday life. In fact, people can’t ignore its presence around them. It’s not even a problem to them because it’s out there in the open for anybody interested to respond to. 

Another thing to consider and remind yourself during marketing campaigns is that humans respond to something when all their senses are addressed to. Within every person is a need to experience fullness in all they do. In a strange way, print design can achieve that. Holding a fresh brochure, looking at its content, and smelling the ink and the paper, help them respond all the better to the advertisement. 

This makes you wonder if print designs will ever be fully eradicated. Some things may disappear with time and new things may come but we believe that print designs wouldn’t just fade away that easily. 

Besides, new developments in print technology have made the craft even more exciting. These new advancements can upgrade print designs to a never before imagined height. 

We encourage you to incorporate print design in your marketing strategy because even in this digital era there’s much value in it. It could help your brand beyond what digital media can do. Having trouble creating your own print designs? Try these unlimited graphic design subscriptions to help you get started.

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