Creating Product Launch Designs: A Comprehensive Guide

In the dynamic world of business, product launches stand as pivotal moments that can define a brand’s trajectory. These events transcend mere introductions as they are the culmination of innovation, strategy, and anticipation. A successful product launch orchestrates a symphony of marketing efforts, generating buzz, capturing attention, and igniting curiosity. It’s the moment when a product’s potential meets the audience’s imagination, setting the stage for connections that linger long after the launch. 

As a matter of fact, a survey reveals that 63% of testimonials liked being introduced to a new product.  

And so in this blog, we explore product launch designs, breaking down why they are important for a  successful product launch and how they are the heartbeat of effective marketing, helping forge lasting impressions. 

For ease of understanding these product launch designs, we’re going to break them down into 3 categories called pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. That way you will be able to comprehend at what point of the launch you need to use these product launch designs. 

Let’s get started!


1. Teasers 

Product teasers are strategically crafted promotional materials that create intrigue and anticipation around an upcoming product launch. They offer a glimpse of the product’s features, benefits, or innovative aspects without revealing all the details. Product teasers are essential as they build curiosity, generate buzz, and pique the interest of potential customers, effectively priming them for the full product unveiling.

There are several types of product launch designs that belong to this category:

1. Cryptic Teasers

 These use mysterious imagery, symbols, or phrases to provoke curiosity and speculation, like the example below.

2. Feature Teasers 

These focus on highlighting standout features of the product without revealing the whole picture like in this video below.

3. Countdown Teasers

These create anticipation by counting down to the launch date with visually engaging graphics.

Out of all the pre-product launch designs that we will talk about, teasers are the most versatile ones because they can be featured online as well as offline and on any medium. For example, you can feature them on social media platforms as either static graphics or videos. And then there’s the world of OOH advertising where you can tease the product launch outdoors on billboards for example, either digitally or as printed. Likewise, there are so many ways to experiment with product teasers. 

Create compelling product teasers using the following design tips:

  1. Use captivating visuals that capture attention and resonate with your brand’s aesthetic. You can also add dark overlays, strategic lighting techniques, and such to create mystery.
  2. Craft concise, enigmatic copy and apply alluring typography to spark curiosity.
  3. Most importantly create the design in a manner that doesn’t give away too much about what you’re teasing. 

In essence, a well-designed product teaser can set the tone for a successful product launch, building anticipation and setting the stage for a memorable unveiling.

2. Pre-order announcement designs

A preorder announcement is a strategic marketing approach where a company informs its audience about the upcoming availability of a product for preordering before the official launch date. Preorder announcements are important as they allow businesses to gauge demand, secure early sales, and create a sense of exclusivity among customers. By offering preorders, companies can also generate excitement and anticipation, encouraging customers to commit to purchasing the product before it even becomes widely available.

 There are various types of preorder announcement designs:

1. Countdowns

Create a countdown to the start of preorders to build anticipation like this email countdown graphic.

2. Exclusive Offers

 Offer limited-time discounts or exclusive bundles for those who preorder like in this Samsung preorder landing page.

3. Sneak Peeks

Share sneak peeks of the product’s features or benefits to entice preorders.

Pre-order announcement product launch designs can be featured heavily on web-based platforms. From social media posts to EDMs, these particular product launch designs thrive best on the web as you can easily direct interested parties towards committing.   

To create effective preorder announcement designs, consider these tips:

  1. Create a design that includes details about the product, its benefits, and the preorder process. You can use illustrations and various other visual design elements instead of just using words.
  2. Use high-quality visuals that showcase the product’s appeal. You can also add effects to highlight the product further.
  3. Include a clear and enticing call-to-action button to guide customers to preorder.
  4. Emphasize limited availability or time-sensitive offers to encourage immediate action.

In summary, preorder announcements serve as a powerful tool to generate early interest and build excitement around an upcoming product launch. Thoughtful design and strategic messaging can enhance the effectiveness of these announcements, driving customer engagement and boosting overall sales.

3. Product Launch Event Invitations

Product launch event invitations are crucial for creating a sense of exclusivity and anticipation around your product launch event. They set the tone for the event and can significantly impact attendance, media coverage, and overall buzz. A well-crafted invitation showcases your brand’s identity, communicates the event’s importance, and entices recipients to be part of something exciting.

Types of product launch event invitation designs include:

1. Digital Invitations

 Sent via email or social media, these can include interactive elements like RSVP buttons or GIFs much like the example here.

2. Printed Invitations

Physical invitations can be mailed to recipients, offering a tactile experience and a personal touch.

3. Video Invitations

Engaging video clips that provide a sneak peek of the event and its highlights. The video below is a great example of this.

Product launch event invites are a great idea to announce yourself personally, especially to a selected, high-profile crowd that can help spread the word. This is why these invites have to be as enticing and alluring as possible. 

To create effective product launch invitations:

  1. Ensure the design aligns with your brand’s aesthetics and values.
  2. Include event details, date, time, location, and RSVP instructions in clear typography.
  3. Use eye-catching visuals that pique curiosity and reflect the event’s theme.
  4. Tailor the invitation to the recipient, making them feel valued and appreciated.
  5. Create a call-to-action that encourages immediate RSVP.

In summary, launch invitations are essential product launch designs. They build anticipation and promote attendance at your launch event. Thoughtful design and compelling messaging can enhance the overall event experience and contribute to the success of your product launch.


1. Packaging Design

Packaging plays a pivotal role in the success of a product launch. It is the first tangible touchpoint between the product and the customer. It not only protects the product but also communicates its value, brand identity, and overall appeal. Well-designed packaging creates a lasting first impression and influences purchasing decisions.

 Types of packaging designs include:

(We will cover generic categories in this section because packaging types can differ depending on your product and industry.)

1. Minimalist Packaging

Clean lines and simple design elements convey a sense of elegance and sophistication.

2. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainable materials and eco-conscious design reflect a brand’s commitment to the environment like Apple’s packaging for their latest iPhone.

3. Limited Edition Packaging

As KIMP specifies in their take on the subject, creating limited edition packaging can generate a fear of missing out (FOMO) among customers and help drive sales faster. 

When working on these packaging designs you need to consider where they will be displayed. For example, things like how they sit on a shelf or could be displayed on an e-commerce platform must be considered. This design thought process is very important to ensure a successful product launch because this is when the customers interact with the launched product.  

To create effective packaging for product launch designs give attention to the following design tips:

  1. Ensure the packaging design reflects the brand’s values and messaging.
  2. Use packaging to tell the product’s story, its benefits, and the experience it offers. You can use illustrations for this purpose
  3. Ensure the packaging stands out on the shelf amidst its other competitive counterparts. 
  4. Quality materials enhance value and durability.
  5. Follow proper print protocols to avoid unnecessary expenses. 

In conclusion, packaging design significantly impacts the success of a product launch by influencing perception, generating excitement, and conveying the brand’s identity. Thoughtfully designed packaging can create a memorable unboxing experience and contribute to a product’s overall marketability.

2. Designs for the Product Launch Event

The product launch event holds a pivotal role in a successful product launch as it offers a unique opportunity to create a memorable experience, generate excitement, and establish direct connections with your audience. The product launch designs that are showcased during the event give attendees a glimpse into the validity and professionalism you pose. You can also encourage attendees to share their experiences on social media to increase reach. A well-executed launch event can amplify brand visibility, spark conversations, and drive immediate engagement and sales.

 There are various types of product launch designs needed for launch events:

1. Grand Unveiling Presentation

 A dramatic reveal of the product, often accompanied by multimedia presentations.

Here are some ideas for different industries:

2. Booths

Brand design clad stations with banners, flyers, and posters or digital screens advertising different aspects of the product in a creative fashion in high foot traffic areas like malls or expos can help with exposure. 

3. Complementary Event Swag

These include gifts, tokens, and merchandise, all reflecting the product and the brand. 

Two of the above product launch designs can be used in the long run. Multimedia presentations and brand merchandise are both designs that can be repurposed for other instances so make sure they’re given your best efforts when designing. 

To create a successful product launch event keep the following design tips in mind:

  1. Plan compelling presentations that captivate the audience. A good presentation with interactive design elements centered around the brand will suffice. 
  2. Design the venue to reflect the product’s identity and create a cohesive atmosphere. 
  3. Design swag with your logo and brand colors. 

In conclusion, a product launch event serves as a platform to make a lasting impression and cultivate relationships. Thoughtful event design and execution can amplify the impact of your product launch and set the stage for ongoing success.

Post Launch

1. Video designs

Product videos post-launch are integral to a successful product launch due to their ability to convey information, showcase features, and evoke emotions effectively. They offer a visual and engaging medium that allows potential customers to experience the product in action, helping them make informed purchasing decisions. Releasing product videos post-launch helps provide clarity, build trust, and contribute to a seamless user experience, ultimately boosting sales and brand credibility.

1. Promotional Videos

 High-energy videos that highlight the product’s benefits and features, with a focus on creating excitement like this example here.

2. Demo Videos

Walk viewers through the product’s functionality and how it addresses specific needs.

3. Tutorial Videos

Step-by-step guides on how to set up, use, or maintain the product.

4. Reviews

Genuine feedback from customers or experts, highlighting real-world experiences.

5. FAQs

Answering frequently asked questions helps customers feel like you care.

These video ideas are a must-have for a product launch as they help address all consumer concerns and reinforce the purpose of the product. The good news with videos is that you can feature them almost anywhere. They can be uploaded on all social media channels or shared through links. 

Let’s look at design tips to consider when designing these videos:

  1. Use text animations in your videos to keep the dynamic energy in the video. 
  2. Organize your video logically, ensuring information flows smoothly.
  3. Use high-quality visuals and graphics to engage viewers.
  4. Align all content with your brand guidelines

In summary, videos play a crucial role in conveying value, building trust, and guiding potential customers toward having a seamless experience with your product. Carefully designed product launch designs in the form of videos can significantly enhance your product launch strategy. 

How to get all this done?

We know a product launch can be a daunting task. Creating all these product launch designs is a massive task because there are so many things to design on top of all the other marketing work. If you had to come up with the marketing copy, design your graphics,  and edit your videos we’d feel absolutely sorry for you. It’s in cases like this that unlimited graphic design and unlimited video design and video editing services can be of assistance. These include services like graphics for different platforms and mediums, illustrations, presentations, and video work. 

So go ahead and use these product launch designs the next time you launch a new product. And if you can’t handle the amount of work take our recommendations for using an unlimited creative design service because the benefits are numerous. 

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