School Logos: 5 Awesome Design Tips To Help You Score

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Branding a business is one thing. But branding a school is a whole different world. When you are branding a school, you are not looking for leads and customers who transact occasionally, as in the case of other businesses. You are targeting students, parents, and teachers and building a community. So, your approach has to be different from typical brand marketing strategies. And so, the approach for designing logos for schools will be different too. 

While running a school is a business, you cannot make it purely about the business. If the logo or other elements of brand identity create an idea that the school is merely a money-making idea, they might not really consider it as an option for their children. Logos for schools should establish trust. They should focus on the values the school creates. Wondering how? We’ll tell you a few quick design tips on creating visually memorable logos for schools. 

Let’s Talk About the Basics Of School Logos

Logo design by Kimp

Before we dive into the discussion of what makes a good design for school logos, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the logo.

Tips to Design Inspirational School Logos 

1. Understand that there are several types of audiences to consider 

Logos for schools communicate with parents. The logo will be telling them that yours is a school they can trust. It will be communicating with students. It will evoke a sense of pride and belonging in them. And finally, it will be communicating with teachers and other staff. It will assure them that this is a credible organization to work with, one that delivers a good work environment.

So, your design should be a meeting point where the expectations of such diverse demographics meet. A simple on-point design like the one below will do just that. 

This logo of Brillantmont International School looks elegant. And the clutter-free layout means that the logo will look good no matter how small or big you scale it. The straightforward design easily resonates with all types of audiences that the school has to consider. 

What’s more? A monogram logo like this one will be versatile for school branding. They look aesthetic when added to school jerseys and other branded school merchandise and marketing designs

2. Tap into the charm in emblem logos 

Logo designs can be of many types like wordmark, brandmark, combination logo, emblem logo, and others. Of these, emblem logos are particularly a big hit with educational institutions. Whether you want to create a vintage charm or capture the high standards of your school, an emblem can do both. It all depends on the details. 

For an emblem logo to be a success, what really matters is the individual elements that compose the element. Some schools with a rich heritage might incorporate the founder’s silhouette in the emblem. While others use symbols that represent the name of the school or portray the origin stories or the principles of the school. 

The fictional Hogwarts logo is perhaps one thing that kids think of when we talk about emblem logos. 

The logo captures the four houses in the school and also has the school motto in the banner at the bottom. On the whole, this logo is a good example if you need some inspiration for emblem logos for your school. The emblem should capture what the school is built over. 

Windy Hill Elementary School has a mission to grow “leaders one child at a time”. The logo of this school is a modernized take on emblem logos. And it summarizes what the school focuses on. 

3. Does it have something unique to remember it by? 

There should be a visual hook in your logo. It can be a customized font or a single letter that is emphasized. Or even a unique symbol or illustration. Because that’s what makes the logo easy to remember. When you achieve this, even if there are other schools with similar symbols or designs, your school logo will still stand out. 

For example, look at the clever use of negative space in the castle square in the below logo. 

This negative space manipulation beautifully balances the overall composition and also gives an eye-grabbing detail to remember the logo by. 

4. Identify and define the ethos 

What does your school stand for? Or in other words, your school motto! That’s one thing that can guide your school logo design definitely. And in the right direction. That can also be one thing that helps you create a design that is unique. Everything from the colors you choose to the font personalities should be aligned with this signature trait that students, teachers, and parents associate with your school. 

Let’s look at the logo of The Global College, Madrid. 

The above logo has plenty of interesting details. Circles are associated with a sense of community, and inclusion. The above logo represents the diverse community it nurtures and the modern look resonates with the future-ready approach the school adopts. 

5. It’s alright to bend the rules sometimes 

School logos do not always have to be serious-looking. Especially if yours is a school for younger kids. A serious logo will not resonate with them. On the other hand, a simple and fun logo design will instantly have their attention. Parents will also be looking for a school that is more approachable, especially for primary education. And even in the case of schools for special education. 

Kumon, a Japan-based educational institution has a logo that captures this idea perfectly. 

While it does look like a simple logo that younger kids will easily remember, there is so much meaning that this logo packs. The thinking face in the logo represents the future generation. And the blue is a symbol of “honesty and intelligence”. So, even with a simple and playful logo, you can use colors and iconography to add depth. 

Creating Professional Logos for Schools 

In addition to incorporating all the above ideas, if there is one thing you should remember it is to keep the design professional. You can add an emblem that tells your school’s story or an illustration that is indicative of the playful learning environment you offer. Whatever the theme, keep the design minimalistic, easy to interpret, and professional. That’s how you build trust and make your logo memorable. After all, your logo might also be perceived as an indication of the quality of education you offer. 

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