Designing Social Media Ads: How Graphically Boosts ROI with Creativity

Social media platforms are always bustling with content by marketers whose ultimate goal is to get their audience’s attention. And in this venture, social media ads can be the best marketing effort when advertising products and services. 

But wait, does that mean all social media ads have the potential to be successful marketing assets? That’s a big resounding NO! Not every social media ad makes the cut when it comes to securing sales. And the biggest reason of all is that the designs don’t deliver. Sure, you can have a good product or a great service but if it’s not being advertised as should, it won’t sell.

And thus, design is an extremely crucial aspect when it comes to creating social media ads. Whether it’s a static post, a video, a reel, or a story, they all benefit only when the design is show-stoppingly good. 

That’s why we’re going to look at some amazing social media ads by Graphically and how you can also follow suit when it comes to your ads. 

So let’s dive into these social media ad designs to see how they boost ROI with creativity. 

1. Strategic Use of Images

This first social media ad design looks simple at first but what makes it particularly special as the subheading goes is its strategic use of images. 

Allow us to break down why we think so.

First of all the advertisement strictly follows a brand color theme and this is extended to the image as well. 

Secondly, the model pointing in the direction where the key information is displayed establishes a clear hierarchy. We tried something and we’d like for you to try it too. Take a look at the image. Don’t your eyes immediately switch back to the copy? No matter how many times you look at the image, your eye wants to look at the copy. It’s because of the hand gesture. 

In all of your social media ads, the purpose is for the entire ad to communicate as a whole. Too much emphasis on either the copy or the image doesn’t help the ad be a wholesome one. 

Images are vital in social media ads as they help grab attention but they need to direct the attention to the next important thing about the ad. That’s also another reason we think that this strategic use of imagery has helped the visual hierarchy of this design as well.

So whatever it is that you want to use, be it stock images, illustrations, or icons, make sure they’re strategically placed to communicate the purpose of the ad. 

Let’s move ahead to the next social media ad by Graphically.

2. Cohesive Compositions

You may wonder, why cohesivity in social media ads matters. Doesn’t creativity mean moving in all possible directions with your ad designs? 

Not really. Because when it comes to building trust and a loyal following, staying on brand and being cohesive is greater than doing vivid things in all directions.

As we briefly looked at in the opening line of this blog, social media platforms face an overload of a constant stream of content being shared and uploaded. And a lot of social media ads get overlooked. But one definite thing you can do to keep your brand standing out is to be consistent in your use of branding.

Thus, consistent use of branding=cohesive compositions. 

And Graphically is crushing it on that front. Take a look at the above social media ad. It’s for a brand called For Fit Fitness. The design looks professional and cutting-edge. From the pink and blue smoke fades to the fonts, the text placements and the use of color for the rest of the elements, all make this a great social media ad design. 

But here’s how it gets even more exciting. Have a look at the design below. 

The same aesthetic is used here as well. If you look closely everything looks so cohesive and so in sync. It’s a different advertisement but anyone who has seen the former advertisement can immediately make the connection between that and this latter design.

So stay on point and don’t deviate from your branding. This cohesiveness can help gather a loyal following and drive sales continuously. 

Pro Tip: Create a good brand guideline to help always stay on track with your social media ad designs. 

Moving ahead to the next one. 

3. Terrific Typography Tactics

Visuals are very important when it comes to social media ads. After all, visuals help you envision the product in action or the outcome of the product. But what makes it even more successful is the pairing of text elements to match the energy of the visual. 

The designers at Graphically have understood this and executed this beautifully in one of the segments in the above design. Take a look at the call to action “Join Now”. Since this is a gym advertisement it’s pretty standard to include a call to action with this kind of wording. But instead of going for the ordinary CTA button, they’ve gone for a custom approach. 

The piece of text gracefully winds and weaves around the human figure, creating a remarkable illusion of depth and dimension. The text interacts with the figure, casting shadows and highlights that breathe life into the words. 

This clever design technique transcends the confines of two dimensions, offering a visually stunning 3D-looking effect that immerses the viewer in a captivating and dynamic visual. 

Likewise, using techniques like text wrap to achieve this kind of depth and dimension in your design is a great way to boost ROI with creativity. And we definitely recommend experimenting with this technique and other creative typography in your own social media ads.              

Let’s take a look at the next way Graphically boosts ROI with creativity.  

4. Excellent Color Coordination

Color coordination is paramount in social media ads as it directly influences brand recognition, user engagement, and overall visual appeal. 

In an exemplary design by Graphically, a brilliant balance of colors is achieved. The luminous blue of the logo is masterfully extended to other striking elements throughout the ad, creating a cohesive and harmonious visual identity. This consistency not only reinforces brand association but also grabs the viewer’s attention.

The sky blue background, with its serene and inviting tone, serves as the perfect canvas to tie all elements together. It imparts a sense of trust and professionalism, making the ad feel approachable.

And then there’s the woman in her crisp white attire floating on a cloud. This image stands out against the blue backdrop, drawing the eye to the central focus of the ad. This predominantly white image provides a clear focal point and elicits a sense of freedom and peace of mind often associated with working from home

Furthermore, the use of solid-colored text boxes enhances readability and clarity. They make important information easily accessible, ensuring that the message is conveyed effectively. The overall design not only captivates with its color aesthetics but also effectively communicates the brand’s message, making it a true masterpiece of color coordination in social media advertising.

So always consider choosing the right color palette for your social media ads. 

Let’s take a look at the final social media ad design on this list. 

5. Good Font Pairings

Conscious font pairing in ad creatives is essential as it directly influences the readability, visual hierarchy, and overall aesthetic appeal. The choice of fonts should align with the message and brand identity. In the above-featured design by Graphically, a skillful combination of three different fonts is employed to create a compelling visual hierarchy.

The use of a small sans-serif font for the initial text offers simplicity and subtlety, making it ideal for secondary or supporting information. It doesn’t overpower the main message but provides context.

The main word, displayed in a bold serif font and in a larger size, grabs immediate attention and establishes the primary focus. The serif font imparts a sense of seriousness, making it ideal for conveying messages with impact.

The third text, presented in a script font, adds a touch of personalization and creativity. This font choice suits the specific word while providing a clear distinction in the copy.

The careful selection of fonts in this design ensures that each element is not only aesthetically pleasing but also appropriately emphasizes the level of importance within the copy, effectively guiding the viewer’s attention and understanding.

Let’s Wrap up

According to statistics social media advertising is the second largest digital ads market. That’s why you can’t give up on your designs. The competition is fierce and you need to get your social media ads performing as well as possible.

These social media ads by Graphically surely do give great deals of inspiration for those wondering how to keep their ads fresh and innovative.

While we wrap up there’s one more thing to keep in mind. The world of social media advertising is incredibly diverse, offering a wide array of content types beyond the traditional post-style ads. To maximize ROI, it’s crucial to recognize that different content formats cater to various audience preferences and engagement tactics.

These encompass video ads, carousel ads, stories, live streams, interactive polls, quizzes, infographics, GIFs, and even influencer partnerships. Each format requires unique strategies and creative approaches. Exploring this diverse range of content options allows advertisers to effectively reach and resonate with their target audiences, ultimately boosting ROI. 

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