Social Media Design Ideas: 16 Tips From The Top Unlimited Graphic Design Services

social media design ideas

Social media is all the rage now and has been for a while. And in the world of digital marketing, compelling social media designs hold the key to capturing attention and conveying messages effectively. Crafting visually striking content is a vital aspect of any successful online campaign. However, navigating the intricacies of design requires vigilance and a keen eye for detail. 

In this exploration, we delve into the crucial elements that constitute impactful social media designs. Through the tips and social media design ideas, we provide from diverse unlimited graphic design services, we’ll unravel the best practices that make designs not just visually appealing, but also strategic tools for engagement and promotion. 

Let’s look at these key components now.

Key Components of Impactful Social Media Design

1. Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is the art in which a design composition is organized or arranged. This arrangement is what makes sure your social media design ideas are consumed in the intended way. Visual hierarchy helps guide the eye in a methodical way from the most important detail to the least important one. 

Every social media design has a key element that you need viewers to see first. Be it a text or an image, if this important element is not seen as intended then the strategy becomes a failure. Yes, visual hierarchy is that important! 

So here are some tips to implement the use of visual hierarchy in your social media designs

Tip #1

Use placement principles like the rule of thirds to draw the eye to different details. 

The below social media design from Digifloat makes use of this principle. 

Tip #2

Use color to emphasize important details.

A social media design created by DotYeti exemplifies this. 

Tip #3

Use different font sizes to draw attention to important texts.

This social media design by Kimp is an apt display of this tip. The words Bottomless Brunch are the immediate focus because that’s the selling point of the whole social media design. 

Tip #4

Using negative space or white space effectively makes a design breathe and ensures that information is consumed properly. 

Here’s an example from No Limit Creatives that exemplifies this tip. 

To learn more about visual hierarchy visit here.

2. Use of Brand Assets

Brand assets are visual elements like logos, colors, and fonts that define a brand’s identity. Your social media design ideas will be of little value if these assets aren’t used consistently across all platforms. And in that sense, using brand assets ensures differentiation among a sea of competitors, reinforces your brand, and enhances audience recall. 

Let’s look at some tips that will help you implement this.

Tip # 5

Have a brand guideline that lays out all the ways in which your brand assets should be used. 

This series of graphics created by Draftss are great social media design ideas. It was clearly done following a brand guideline because you can see the consistency throughout. 

Tip # 6

Use a brand mascot in your social media designs for quick recall. 

This social media design idea by Kapa99 showcases this tip. 

To learn more about brand guidelines and why you need them, visit here

3. Color

Color plays an important role in social media graphics. Used properly, it helps tie your social media design ideas together in harmony. Color can impact how social media design ideas are perceived and consumed. And sometimes the proper balance of colors can make for a scroll-stopping design. That’s why choosing your color palette wisely is crucial. 

Let’s find out some tips that can help you in this venture.

Tip # 7

Stick to your brand colors if your goal is to be recognized.

Here’s an example by Duck Design. This is a collection of social media design ideas done using the client’s brand colors. They’ve done a marvelous job with these. 

Tip # 8

Minimal use of color is key.

Here’s a social media design idea by Flocksy that demonstrates this.

To learn more about the psychology of color in graphic design, visit here

4. Typography

Typography plays a pivotal role in social media design ideas by conveying tone, mood, and message. The right fonts enhance readability. Consistent typography practices also reinforce brand identity and maintain visual harmony. 

Another point to remember is that effective font choices contribute to a design’s overall aesthetics, making content more accessible and engaging for the audience, ultimately amplifying the impact of your social media design ideas.

Now we will go through the tips that will help you put this into action.

Tip # 9

Use only your brand fonts but you’re always free to include new ones on special occasions. 

Here’s an example of a themed social media design idea done by DesignTork for Halloween which uses a font that suits the occasion.

Tip # 10

Use font combinations that work together to complement each other.

This social media design by Penji mixes 2 different fonts seamlessly.

Tip # 11

Pay attention to tracking, kerning, and leading to ensure that the texts and their placements look perfect. 

Here is a social media design from Design Pickle. They’ve adjusted the leading between the words in the main heading to create a cool effect. 

To learn more about Typography terms, visit here

5. Dynamic Imagery and Graphics

To perfect your social media design ideas and make them more engaging, you need dynamic imagery and graphics. They can be used for capturing attention and conveying messages quickly. The reason is quite obvious but to state it anyway, engaging visuals pique curiosity and encourage viewers to stop scrolling. High-quality images resonate with the audience, making content more shareable and memorable. These kinds of dynamic visuals also help storytelling, making your social media design more effective in conveying your brand’s narrative.

To implement this here are some tips that you can follow. 

Tip # 12

Use images that amplify the message you’re trying to convey.

This social media design example by Delesign captures the essence of this tip. 

Tip # 13

Source good stock images from reliable sites.  

Here’s an example of a social media design idea using good stock images created by ManyPixels.

To learn more about stock photo sites click here

Tip # 14

Use custom illustrations to bring your vision to life, exactly as you imagined it. 

6. Platform Specifications and Features

Different social media platforms have different specifications and features. Using these in your social media design ideas can be highly valuable. 

When it comes to specifications, there are different size requirements that you need to consider when designing your graphics. When you follow these it will ensure that nothing in your design is cut off and that the image quality is intact. 

Also, there are different post formats on different social media platforms. One good example is the Instagram Carousel post format. This feature allows you to break your content into smaller consumable pieces.

Let’s look at some tips on how you can incorporate these. 

Tip # 15

Merge the profile picture and the cover page photo to create a cohesive look. 

Design Shifu has done a similar job for a brand called Origami. Have a look. 

Tip #16

When creating an Instagram Carousel post make sure all the graphics are cohesive.

Here’s an excellent social media design idea by Epiic

To learn more about creating Carousel Posts, visit here. 

Let’s Wrap Up

So there you have it – the inside scoop on coming up with killer social media design ideas! We’ve journeyed through the intricacies of visual hierarchy, addressed the power of brand assets, explored the importance of colors, delved into the different aspects of typography, and established the value of dynamic imagery. 

84% of communications are visual in 2023 so armed with these gems of wisdom and real-life examples from unlimited graphic design pros, you should be ready to take on the digital world with designs that dazzle, engage, and stand out. If you’re still unsure about going solo, check out some of these unlimited graphic design services to see which fits your mold best.

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