Sticker Designs: 5 Great Ideas To Level Up Your Brand Marketing Strategy

sticker designs

Do you think your marketing strategies will have a better impact if your customers knew about you? Have you ever wondered how some brands become the talk of the town and gain instant recognition whenever they are mentioned in a group? 

Well, all is not built in a day, certainly not brand awareness. 

So much of what we hear every day about marketing centers on lead generation, conversions, customer retention, and so on. And that is good. But for most of these efforts to bring fruit, brand marketing is an essential piece of the puzzle. Unfortunately, this is a piece that often tends to fly below everyone’s radar. 

Yes, it is hard to measure the impact of brand marketing or branding initiatives, not to mention the time, money, and resources that go into developing a brand awareness campaign.

That is exactly what we want to solve with this blog. If you are a small business looking to gain traction quickly and on a limited budget, we have just the thing for you. 

Stickers. Yes, those small things that your favorite business sends as goodies when you order more than once. We know you are wondering if they really work. 

Let’s take a look before we get into how you can leverage sticker designs for branding marketing the right way. 

Sticker Designs for Brand Marketing 

It takes 5-7 impressions for a brand to become a memory for the customer. Now, any marketing campaign that requires you to connect with the same customer 5-7 times will be expensive. 

That is why marketers and experts recommend working with branded merchandise to be present in the customer’s vision for a long time. Merchandise marketing is also expensive, but it does not have to be. Before you launch a line of products, test the waters with sticker designs.

Stickers are small, easy to produce, and universally liked too. They also work well with customers of all ages, and brands across industries can adapt them as a marketing tool. 

Even though they are small, stickers are versatile, you can customize the usage based on your target audience and the use case you think will work for them. 

Sticker designs are the perfect intersection of merchandising and organic marketing that every brand needs. 

But what to design? What stickers work best for raising brand awareness? We break it down for you along with inspiration to bring it home for your business. 

Sticker designs – 5 ideas for your brand marketing initiatives 

It is possible that you never considered stickers being an ideal part of your brand marketing campaign. When we think of our brand, it is natural to think that the bigger the initiative looks, the faster it will fetch results. 

As they say, it is not the size of the beast in the fight but the size of the fight in the beast. 

Just take a step back and think about this: How many times is your customer likely to see a billboard in a week? Even if they drive the same route every day, they will see seven times a week, right? What about a hoodie or a T-shirt? The usability of this merchandise is lesser than that of a stationery product just by the nature of the product. Not to mention that the cost of launching a T-shirt or larger merchandise is exponentially high coupled with a complicated manufacturing process. 

You can circumvent these by launching the best sticker campaign for your brand. 

And if you are wondering how to put all of this into action, then scroll down below for ideas for sticker designs. 

Logo Stickers

We are speaking of brand awareness, right? Now, what better way to cement your brand and visual identity than promoting your logo in the market? Logo designs make or break the brand, and if your customers can pick your logo out of a lineup or on a crowded store shelf, then that is a big win for you. 

Logo stickers are versatile because if the logo is cute enough and works well with the audience, then they can be :

Also, logo stickers are the easiest to develop because you have the designs at hand, and they are usually small enough to keep costs under control. 

Based on the actual logo design, you can pick circular stickers, rectangular stickers, or die-cut stickers for custom shapes. 

We all have seen customers sporting Coca-Cola, Nike, and Gucci stickers. No reason your customer base would not want to do it for you. If you have a loyal audience, this is how you turn them into ambassadors. 

2. Product Stickers

You can also promote your brand through a flagship product. This is especially relevant to retail brands in the Food and Consumer Goods market because the products have a higher recall than the brands. So the ideal way to raise brand awareness would definitely be via product promotion. You can always include signs of your branding and its visual identity within the sticker to gain from the association. 

Product stickers are also more aesthetic than a simplistic logo, especially in most cases. Not to forget that you have already spent time and effort developing the perfect packaging design to attract your customers. This is the perfect way to leverage that and repurpose it for brand marketing efforts as well. 

Usually, for product stickers, it makes sense to use custom shape cut stickers for the best results. Work with a designer to ensure that the color and font are closest to the original product.

3. Holiday stickers

The holiday season is the gifting season, and branded stickers right now work brilliantly, especially if you develop a design that perfectly combines the holiday season and your branding. 

It so happens that the holiday season is also the season many D2C run campaigns and promotions to make the sales numbers touch new heights. And customer delight in this season can make them come back for more and more. The most cost-effective and easiest way is to add a few branded holiday stickers to your product deliveries to add joy to the whole process. 

Another major reason we like to advocate for stickers for holiday campaigns is that this is the season for dressing up and publicly exhibiting joy. So, including a Christmas tree or a pumpkin next to your logo will exponentially increase the chances of your merchandise seeing the light of the day. 

Sounds amazing, right? 

So how do you ensure that the holiday stickers work well? 

Once the sticker designs are out there, request your customers to snap them in use and share it with you. Easy way to generate user content in the holiday season without being overly promotional. 

4. Store branding Stickers 

If you have an office space or a retail store, include stickers as part of your in-store branding efforts. No store’s decor is complete without branding, but you may wonder won’t posters or wallpapers work better? 

They work yes, but stickers often give out the vibe of being a cheerful and brighter presence in the store. And if you can pull it off, having peel-away stickers can encourage customers to take those home too. Or you can give similar stickers away to your in-store customers just like you do for those who order online. 

Stickers are easy to install, change, and design compared to more permanent fixtures for your store. 

Try them, and you will not go back. 

5. Digital Stickers 
sticker designs

Using stickers for brand marketing has mostly been around print media. And that is good because sometimes print marketing brings in engagement and brand recall that the digital world struggles to replicate. But that is no reason to not supplement your print marketing ideas with their digital counterparts. 

If you have been working in social media marketing, especially for Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, you know stickers are big on these channels. This is especially true for ephemeral content like Instagram stories and Snap streaks. So why not leverage these mediums as well? 

Create unique, engaging, and branded stickers for your brand on social media and encourage your audience to try them out. We guarantee social media loves stickers, and this gives you a boost online. 

Leverage sticker designs in your marketing 

Designing a sticker is no easy job. After all, you want on-brand designs that actually make a lasting impression on your target audience. How do you get designs that speak for your brand? By working with designers of course. After all, stickers are worthy investments for a business as we have seen. 

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