6 Stock Video and Audio Templates For Your Next Campaign

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Do you want to try your hand at creating a video marketing campaign? Or just wondering how to go about your first animation or GIF project? While there are a lot of specifics and technical details to nail, first, you need video footage. What if we told you you can get away by not recording any fresh footage? 

Simple videos can work very well without fresh and original footage. This is true for many YouTube videos or even Instagram Reels that have been ruling the feeds for many years now. Brands now need to incorporate several types of videos into their digital marketing strategy. Creating them can sometimes feel overwhelming. 

Stock video and stock video templates make this process so much simpler. 

They help you create videos faster and leverage the existing resources on the internet without having to create something from scratch. And the internet is so wide that you can find everything you need, right from audio, video, and images for your campaign.

Before we detail the best resources on the internet for these, let us understand them a little more. 

What are stock video and audio templates? 

Stock video and audio are pre-recorded assets available on the internet either free or paid cost, for others to use in their creations. In most cases, the footage you are looking for is already available and is made available to you in a generic and non-branded format. 

Consider a tutorial video you design for a light manufacturer on light bulb installations. Usually, the steps are the same, irrespective of the brand. With access to stock video and audio, you can save money and time for yourself and your client. 

That is one of the biggest reasons to choose stock videos, images, and audio templates. 

Even if you are looking to jump on the video boom for promoting your work, these templates can come in handy. 

You can promote your work on social media and create instant portfolios, giving you more time to work on your client projects. 

Stock video and audio template examples for your next motion graphics campaign 


A stock video that comes with custom audio can help you improve the vibe of your motion graphics campaign and step up your marketing efforts. While voiceovers can be a challenge, these stock videos and audios bridge the gap and make it easy to improve the reach of your campaign. 

Take a look at some templates in this section for inspiration. 

1. Introduction Templates 

Sometimes you use all the footage and designs to create your video, but it is missing something. It does not work well on social media, and the results are just not coming. What do you do in those situations? 

Well, if you get the introduction right for your video, that is more than half the job done. So here are a few introduction video templates that we discovered for you. These video templates can help you boost your video’s appeal and hook the audience in for a longer period. 

2. Transition templates 

Attention spans are at an all-time low, especially with social media giving us new content every minute. The danger of losing your audience to the next video is too high to ignore currently. So your video has to manage your customer’s expectations and keep them engrossed for the length of the content. 

Use this transition template to hold your audience even when you take a break in the video. 

3. Outro Templates 

It is easy to assume that only the introduction matters in a video because that is when the audience is paying attention. But a sizable chunk of the audience prefers skipping to the last second if they have what they need. 

Outros are the last few seconds of a video where it is important for the audience to know more about you and connect with you. Adding brand information, social media handles, and additional details, including CTAs can improve your conversion metrics. 

After all, what are views for, if they don’t convert into customers? 

Take a look at these templates that help you shape the outros for your video. 

4. Storytelling Templates 

The age of showcasing just the work, numbers, and some diagrams is long gone. Of course, the declining attention span is one reason for this. But even beyond that, every industry and market is extremely competitive. If you have to convince a customer to choose you over your peers, you must build an emotional connection. And that is hard to do with just numbers or some images put together.

You need a story. 

Even a Lo-Fi video on YouTube works because there is a premise to lure the audience in and connect with them.

So if you are designing a corporate video or even a product introduction, take the storytelling approach with these templates. 

5. Nature-themed templates 

Sometimes the only reason to create a video is that your other communication channels are not getting the results you want them to. And that is perfectly okay. Repurposing existing content to create videos works a lot of time. But, of course, that takes a lot of time, effort, and money without stock video templates. 

So if you want to make your content shine via the video medium, the easiest to choose are nature-themed templates that soothe and provide a neutral background for your message. 

Nature templates work well for :

Take a look at a few of our favorite nature-themed stock video templates : 

6. Tutorial templates 

Educational videos have been the rage on YouTube and other social media platforms lately. But, they can be hard to design on a budget. Thankfully, stock video templates are available in plenty for this category so that you can use them to make a tutorial video for your brand.

Of course, these are only available for text-based videos or the tech industry, but these are some of our favorite templates. 


Ace your video marketing game with these stock video and audio templates 

If you want to see if video works for your brand and quickly scale a motion graphics campaign, you cannot go wrong with stock videos and audio templates! 

Once you have scaled up and seen what works for you, you can create custom templates for your brand so that you have a core brand identity. 

Until then, use the templates and use them well! 

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