Instagram Stories Ads: A Beginner’s Guide For Small Businesses

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 Instagram Stories are one of the greatest features introduced by a social media network. They’re brief but get the job done. 

The unique thing about Stories is that once the app is opened this is the first thing you see in the app. Immediately, users peruse through countless Stories trying to get a quick glance into the lives of their friends and families. While on this scroll, there are other Stories that appear in between (as you’ve probably already noticed yourself) called Instagram Stories ads.

Instagram Stories ads are the Holy Grail for small businesses. These are quick 5-15 second advertisements depending on whether they’re photos or videos. 

Since these are such brief advertisements, we will be sharing how you should focus on the design aspect of things to garner the best possible results within this short time. 

There are technical things you would need to know as well which we will briefly get into along the way. For now, mainly let’s focus on things you should keep in mind when designing Instagram Stories ads.   

5 things to keep in mind when designing Instagram Stories Ads

1. Use Eye-catching Visuals

It’s important to use eye-catching visuals for Instagram Stories ad designs because these will only be available for a short period of time on a user’s screen. If what they’re viewing isn’t worth their time they will simply swipe next. Users are already exposed to a host of advertising while using Instagram Stories. As opposed to other pop-ups there’s something creatively intriguing about Stories ads.

Users long to see these advertisements owing to the fact that they belong to the advertiser’s target audience. Yes, when setting up your ad you’re able to choose your target audience. So the reach is great. You can be certain that your target audience will come across this. But making them go that extra step further is up to you. And you should take this seriously – 58% of people in a survey claimed they became interested in a brand/product after seeing it on Instagram Stories ads. 

Aim for high-quality images and videos. Since the ads won’t cost too much make sure to put your best foot forward when it comes to images and videos. Hire professional photographers if necessary and shoot your products in the most flattering angles. 

Not only so but make certain that the dimensions are the ones recommended by the app. That way you can ensure the quality of your ads is good. Consumers love quality advertising. If the advertisement is top-notch they begin to trust your brand and what it could offer them. So go for high-quality images and videos. Use good and experienced designers to get your designs done instead of going solo on them (unless of course, you’re a designer yourself). 

2. Choose the Right Font

It’s best to incorporate short bursts of text for Instagram Stories ads designs. This is why Typography is important here. Everything is easily noted. It shows how professional you are in the way your texts are laid out. Use proper fonts that are legible and readable on screen. Since these ads run only for a short amount of time it’s your job to make sure the message is readable.  

Always stick to readable fonts that are suitable for your brand’s identity. A brand’s font and the message sent all have to be coherent. We can’t stress enough how much it’s important to grab your audience’s attention because you only have very little time to do so. That’s when a consumer will start to trust you as credible. Even if it doesn’t seem so, these things make psychological impacts on consumers. Consciously or unconsciously people mind these little things. 

It also should be noted that Instagram Stories ads cannot be zoomed in like regular posts. If your texts are smaller than they should be, there’s a possibility it would be unreadable. 

3. Keep It Simple

Instagram Stories ads aren’t the place to boast pomp details. Your audience needs to get to the next Story so they’re not going to bother reading your long descriptions. Keep it as simple as possible. If they’re interested you can always backlink your website or list your products for them to proceed to the next step. But for starters don’t overwhelm them with too many details.

Even the design part of the Stories ads, try to keep as minimal as possible. Don’t exhaust their view. Instead, reward your audience’s eyes with a simple and clean layout. They will be scrolling through so many Stories and Stories ads so when they get to yours if it doesn’t look refreshing then they’re just going to keep swiping.

Focus on the goal at hand. What are you trying to achieve with this Stories ad? Aim to only achieve that goal. Don’t load it all into one ad. Disperse your content. 

Make sure the visuals are concise and clear and use only what is absolutely necessary. 

4. Include a Strong Call-to-Action

The whole purpose behind these Stories ads is to drive traffic your way. Instagram Stories ads are the opportune way to increase traffic. Most businesses benefit from Stories ads because of this unique feature. You can benefit from a strong call to action since there are many ways Instagram lets you direct your audience.

 Most often than not, users will respond to your Stories ad due to Instagram’s audience targeting option. The Stories ads they see could be highly relevant to them. A strong CTA will help you nudge them a bit further.

Depending on the type of Stories ad you can direct them to either go to your website or make a purchase, take a poll or be part of a competition, etc. Always make sure that the call to action is helpful to your audience to make a decision that’s going to drive them a bit closer to converting.

5. Design for Mobile

Let’s be real. People spend most of their time on social media on their mobiles. It’s just much more convenient to log in using the mobile apps. Many of your potential customers make purchases on their mobile phones because it’s so easy. And they get the full benefit of the app by using it on their mobile devices. 

So keep in mind that the default mode of any phone is portrait mode. And it makes sense to then also design your Instagram Stories ads to make the user’s experience as seamless as possible.

Ensure the design is vertical and in the recommended size of 1080 x 1920 pixels. This is the optimal resolution for mobile screens. The entire screen will be occupied for an Instagram Story ad so make the most of it. 

In this light designing for mobile has a host of benefits. 

Let’s recap

Instagram Stories are being used by over 500 million and counting active users. This is why Instagram Stories ads help drive traffic faster and more efficiently. Not only do they help drive this traffic to your website but even within the app users are bestowed the opportunity to be able to make consumer decisions. Therefore these Stories ads are a great method to promote your small business.

Speaking of which – did you know that 200 million plus businesses use Instagram for advertising purposes? 

Instagram Stories ads are a cost-effective form of advertising as opposed to other forms. You’re able to work around the budget in hand. You can decide the reach and duration of your campaign depending on that. They help you target your ad based on location, demographics, behaviors, past customers, and other similar categories. This helps you increase your reach. 

But none of that matters if your design isn’t up to the standard. So design visually appealing Stories ads. Make sure you give prominence to typography. Don’t forget, simplicity is key. Direct your potential customer to take action and respond to your ad because that is in fact the end goal. 

If you haven’t started advertising on Instagram Stories then this is your invitation to go on and start already. These Stories ads could be a game changer in your marketing strategy. It is the best method of advertising for small businesses. If you incorporate these tips and tricks to perfect your content and design it in the most appealing and appropriate way, you’re on your way to making your name known in the industry. 

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