AI Tools: Exploring The Best Text to Speech Tools in 2024

Voiceovers are a great marketing tool that helps engage people. They add character and personality to videos that would otherwise seem generic with just an audio music track. 

But for those of you with tight budgets, we understand that investing in expensive audio recording equipment and setting up voice studios can be a struggle. Even hiring voice actors can be quite expensive.

But what if we told you there are other ways to go about this? 

Did you know that AI technological advancements now offer ample solutions that help bypass such concerns? Yes, one of the greatest developments in this sector is the technology of AI-powered text to speech solutions. 

There’s no necessity to fret over voiceover creation when text to speech AI tools can significantly reduce the time required to turn out a finished voiceover with less than half the cost. 

So in this blog, we want to delve into the best text to speech tools to try in 2024. 

But before we start exploring the various AI tools, let’s first look at what a text to speech tool is and how it can help you in marketing. 

What Is A Text To Speech AITool? 

A text to speech AI tool is a software application or service that converts written text into spoken words. It utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the text, determine pronunciation, intonation, and other linguistic aspects, and then generate a synthesized voice output that closely resembles human speech. 

Some advanced TTS AI tools can also mimic specific accents, and languages, or even replicate the voice of a particular person.

How Can It Be Helpful For Marketing?

There are various ways in which these AI text to speech tools can benefit you. Here are some of those ways:

1. These tools can generate audio content quickly, saving time and resources compared to recording voiceovers manually.

2. By converting text into speech, these tools help further improve accessibility for individuals with visual impairments, making your marketing content more inclusive.

3. AI text to speech voiceovers ensure consistent pronunciation, tone, and pacing across all audio content, maintaining brand voice and identity.

4. Many text to speech tools support multiple languages, allowing you to reach a broader audience without the need for separate recordings.

5. Text to speech technology enables scaling audio content production to meet growing demands without compromising quality.

6. Using AI for text to speech reduces the need for expensive recording equipment and professional voice actors, making it a cost-effective solution for marketing campaigns.

Plus they can be used in diverse content creation projects like podcasts, social media videos, product demonstrations, how-to videos, tutorials, presentations, orientation videos, etc. Because a survey also shows that 54% of the people surveyed attested to spoken word audio content engaging their minds more positively than other types of media. So the possibilities are endless.  

So on that exciting note, let’s move ahead to look at some of the best text to speech tools in 2024.

The Best Text To Speech Tool To Try In 2024

1. has been recognized with multiple prestigious awards, like the 2024 Leader Winter Award for text to speech tools for example. They were also listed among the top 100 fastest-growing products in the Best Software Awards for 2024 category. 

Trusted by over 1 million users spanning 100+ countries, has solidified its reputation as a leading choice in the realm of text to speech technology.

Features offers 10 minutes worth of free recording time to test the service. 

The process is a simple copy-paste: has 120+ different voices in 20+ languages. You have the option to choose between any preferred gender for the narrations as well as make other changes like voice style and age group. The default voice options will be from the Pro Plan but you can hide those Pro options and pick anything else you prefer. 

You can even adjust the pitch and speed and add pauses. One other awesome feature is to select individual words and change their pronunciation separately. 

They even have tailor-made voices for different contexts like advertisements, podcasts, presentations, etc.  

After going through all of this we hit that generate button and got ourselves an audio worth of 32 seconds and we were blown away by it. 

The voice quality was great and sounded quite natural. We used the inspirational tone and the tool did justice to it. 

Do note downloads are not facilitated within the free plan. 

Other striking features include things like voice changing of audio files, script importing, video creation, and multiple export formats. 

Pricing’s pricing is quite simple. They offer these 4 plans:

*All paid plans are billed annually. 

For those working solo, the Creator plan would be the perfect option. For others looking to incorporate multiple team members and no-caps voice generation, we recommend the Business or Enterprise plans. 


Next up we have some reviews that will further strengthen this tool’s reputation:

The reviewers are confident that others would also benefit from this tool just like they have. 

Let’s move ahead to look at the next text to speech tool.

2. Listnr

Listnr stands out as an AI-driven text to speech tool, earning accolades such as Product of the Day and The Golden Kitty Winner on Product Hunt. Listnr is trusted by over 1,000,000 users. 


You can use Listnr by either pasting the URL of an article or by simply entering the text using the editor. 

One of the top features is the 1000 words a month perk that’s offered to all users on the free plan. With 20 downloads/exports a month and access to more than 300 voices, the free plan alone packs a punch. 

Listnr offers a vast selection of 1000+ voices in over 140 languages. The voices are created using real voiceover artists so they guarantee natural-sounding voices. 

Listnr’s editor lets you adjust the pitch, and style, add pauses, add custom pronunciations, and increase or decrease the speed in premium voices. 

After going through these features we tested the tool with the features available on the free plan.

And the results we got were quite impressive! The voices sounded quite natural. The quality of the voice and the audio in general in this text to speech tool sounded natural and didn’t feel AI-generated at all. 

You can choose from over 50 voices of all genders. The voice options are categorized as Ultra, Premium, and Cloned. Some of the voices in these categories are only available to paid users. The voice cloning option is also considered a Premium feature and thus only available within paid plans. 

After you’re done you can download the audio in mp3 or WAV format in the preferred sample rate frequency. 

It’s as easy as that!


Let’s look at the pricing:

All plans come with 1000 free words to get started with, including the free plan. 

Listnr has 5 different plans that are targeted towards catering to different types of creators. 


Here are some Trustpilot reviews by happy users featured on the Listnr website:

The reviews as a whole all speak nothing but good about Listnr. Users are mostly happy with the offerings in comparison to the pricing. 

3. WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs is a leading text to speech AI-powered tool that has garnered numerous accolades on G2. These include distinctions such as High-Performer Mid Market Fall 2023, Fastest Implementation Fall 2023, and Small Business High Performer Fall 2023.


Much like the previous tools, you only have to type or paste the content that you need to the editor.

After the text is placed, you can choose from 3 voice styles and over 50 synthetic voices. You can also add pronunciations for cases where you want specific words pronounced differently. 

We hit the create button and the results were impressive. The quality was spot on and it sounded as natural as it could be. 

But the only problem is that downloads aren’t possible in the free plan. The free plan is only meant for testing out the tool. 


Let’s look at the different plans and pricing:

*All paid plans are billed annually. 

The WellSaid Labs plans slightly lean towards the pricier side when compared to the plans of other tools within the same tier. 


Let’s look at some reviews on the website:

The reviews speak volumes about the need for good voiceovers and how WellSaid Labs delivers on this front. 

Let’s move ahead to the next tool on our list. 

4. provides text to speech services with a remarkable range of options. Users can select from 142 languages and accents, accessing over 900 AI voices. The platform ensures seamless conversion of text to speech, delivering swift results without any lag. 

With its extensive language and voice repertoire, empowers users to create engaging audio content tailored to their preferences with unparalleled ease.


Much like the previous tools, it’s as simple as just entering your text:

The free plan offers 12,500 characters which is quite convenient. 

Once the text is added you can choose the voice that you want and further make advanced voice control changes like stability, similarity, and intensity of the voice. You can even increase or decrease the speed of the voiceover depending on your requirements. 

After all that is sorted simply hit that generate speech button and you will have your voiceover ready. 

We listened to the voiceover we generated and the quality was supreme. There was such a weight in the voice and it sounded as if a professional voice actor was reading the script.

We were able to download the voiceovers we generated, however, they cannot be used commercially within the free plan and would need to be attributed. 

There’s also the option to get 1 voice cloning done within the free plan. 

More features like voices in different languages and a more advanced editor are available on the premium plans. 

Other paid features include things like the multi-voice feature where you can run a conversation with different voices in the same audio file and the voice inflections feature. 


Let’s view the plans and pricing for

Out of all the plans, the Unlimited plan seems like the most alluring one as the cost can be justified by the amount of voiceovers that you can produce. 


The reviews featured on the website are nothing short of positive:

A lot of the reviews commend’s services, especially their user-friendly interface. 

Let’s move ahead to the next tool.

5. SpeakPerfect

SpeakPerfect is the ultimate text to speech AI tool crowned as the top-notch product in its category by There’s An AI For That. With SpeakPerfect, you not only get the power to transform your texts into captivating audio but also the ability to refine and perfect your written content.


The tool cannot be used for free unless you sign up. You will get a free quota of 500 words to test the service upon signing up. 

While the tool can be used in the form of speech-to-speech, it also supports text to speech as you can see below:

After typing in the text, if you want to refine it you can use the rewrite feature and SpeakPerfect’s AI will write it for you optimally.

After further making any required changes you can proceed to generate the audio. 

We listened to the generated audio and it was alright. We did find that there were limitations to making voice and voice style changes in the free plan. To make changes to the pauses and other specific pronunciations, you would need to make text changes like adding “…” for longer pauses and breaking acronyms into standalone letters. 

They also do not provide any control over the tone/pitch of generated audio. 

But SpeakPerfect assures that the right text changes will improve the quality of the audio.

Once we made those changes we liked the pace of the AI voice and it sounded more natural. 

We then went ahead and downloaded the audio with no problem, whatsoever. 


This is what their plans and pricing look like:

In terms of pricing range, they have the cheapest. 


Let’s look at some of the reviews featured on the There’s An AI For That website:

The reviews affirm that this tool is a must-try. 

Let’s move ahead to the next tool. 

6. TTSMaker

TTSMaker is a voice generation platform harnessing AI technology to power their services. They have earned the trust of over 3,000,000 users across 50+ countries, delivering over 100,000 hours of consistent service since its inception. Offering both free and premium plans, TTSMaker’s text to speech AI feature stands out as a cost-effective solution ideal for those seeking quality without a hefty price tag. 


TTSMaker’s text to speech tool boasts extensive language support, encompassing English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and more, along with diverse voice styles. A standout feature of this tool is its provision for commercial-free usage of downloaded audio, without requiring attribution to the TTSMaker tool. Although, acknowledgment is appreciated by the creators of TTSMaker.

We went ahead and inserted some text and converted it to audio. The results were great, especially for a free tool that allows commercial rights. There was sufficient pacing and the voice sounded natural. We could even add in more pauses if necessary. 

The only snag is the ads that appear between when you’re on the free plan and the requirement to fill in a captcha to proceed with a conversion. 

Also, note that generated audios are deleted from the app within a time frame of 30 minutes so don’t forget to download before that time limit. 

There’s also an option to check out a history log of all the conversions you’ve done and how long those conversions have till they expire etc. It’s quite convenient. 


Here’s a look at their plans and pricing:

There’s quite a difference between the price range of the different plans. But if you look closely at the offerings within each plan this range makes sense.


Here’s a review featured on their website:

TTSMaker has limited reviews but the available ones have good things to say about the tool. 

And with that, we can wrap up our list of the best text to speech tools to try in 2024. 

Wrap Up

For those seeking text to speech conversion, these tools offer remarkable benefits. Many provide features, especially in their premium plans, that streamline tasks, conserve resources, and optimize efficiency. The ability to customize voices using these tools, for diverse marketing strategies like creating voiceovers for ads, podcast recordings, other YouTube videos,  etc, adds an irresistible appeal.  

Plus, beyond marketing, their utility extends to personal use cases. For instance, if you want to simply listen to something rather than read it these tools provide ample opportunity. Similarly, the use cases are endless. So we suggest investing in one of these tools to make things more convenient for you in both your work and personal life. 

As we wrap up, the important thing to note is that these tools are there to make things easier and cost-effective. And these kinds of text to speech AI tools paired with a good unlimited video editing subscription would help develop exceptional video assets. 

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