Valentine’s Day Marketing: 4 Design Ideas For Your Brand’s Best Campaigns

With Valentine’s Day approaching we’re sure all businesses and marketers everywhere are trying to put their best foot forward with their campaigns. Special occasions especially Valentine’s Day are a great opportunity to get noticed because there are so many creative things that you can try out. 

And we’re dedicating this blog to providing you with inspiring design ideas for Valentine’s Day marketing. These ideas will open avenues to adhere to common Valentine’s Day design practices in innovative ways so that you stand out in competitive digital advertising spaces. 

But first, let’s look at the basics of the particular design type and why you need to stick to some parts of the stereotypes of Valentine’s Day marketing. 

The Nitty Gritty of Valentine’s Day Marketing

There are marketing campaigns that are completely done relying on human psychology. We know that humans are visual beings and we respond to what we see most profoundly. We can’t help it, it’s in our basic nature. Statistically speaking, visual information constitutes 90% of the data transmitted to the brain.

That’s why adhering to Valentine’s Day design norms can be important to affirm that you are advertising and running campaigns with that event in mind. 

So let’s find out some of the components of what constitutes the perfect Valentine’s Day marketing designs. 

1. Colors

Colors are one of the major parts that appeal to the human psyche when it comes to Valentine’s Day marketing. It definitely has to do with how color psychology affects people. While some of these psychological effects of colors can change from person to person, we can all agree that when it comes to Valentine’s, there is a set of dominant colors that everyone associates with this event. 

The predominant color is red. Most marketers use combinations of pink, purple, white, black, gold, and silver with red to adjust the mood, tone, and message depending on their target audience. 

For example red and black would be a sultry combination, while red and white would be a sort of neutral and general combination. Red, gold, and silver would give a sense of luxury while red pink, and white would be considered a very cute combination often seen in general Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns. 

And adjusting the tint, shade, and chroma of red or in these other colors can render a vast array of color schemes. 

Here’s an example:

We also understand that some brands like to use their brand color and skip stereotypical color schemes and use fonts, shapes and imagery to keep the Valentine’s feel. Which is completely fine as long as they’re able to make it work. 

2. Fonts

Fonts also play a role in really communicating words in their true sense. They too are psychologically potent and would need to be given much consideration. And for Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns, the best typeface would be a script or handwriting font. These types of fonts either formal-looking or casual style yield the best results as they seem personal and non-generic. 

But avoid overused fonts like Brush Script and Bradly Hand as they can render a design outdated and unappealing. 

Following new fonts, especially those trending in 2024, can be beneficial as they can make the designs look much more elevated in terms of sophistication and style. 

Here are some examples:

3. Shapes

Shapes are what make a graphic design interesting. Shapes help establish visual hierarchy while giving cues to viewers about the subject matter of the graphic design. Likewise, shapes play a pivotal role in Valentine’s Day marketing. Shapes like hearts, ribbons, bows, gift boxes, curves, and swirls give a sense of the Valentine’s Day feel, much like trees, bows, bells, and candy canes do for Christmas. 

So shapes are a top visual cue that signals to customers that a marketing campaign has to do with Valentine’s Day. 

4. Imagery

Much like shapes and very close in relation are imagery when it comes to graphic design. Imagery helps establish a connection with your target audience at such a fast pace. We established earlier that humans are visual beings. But did you know that we process images much faster than we do texts? Yes, 60,000 times faster! 

So it’s imperative that you use some sort of imagery in your Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns to hook potential customers. 

Images with couples, and flowers – particularly roses, cupids, and the like are the usual ones you see on Valentine’s Day content. As long as you use high-quality, unique images in innovative and creative ways your campaign should look appropriate and good. 

Just remember whatever you’re using – color, fonts, shapes or imagery do it all in good taste. Like we said a few times, avoid overused material like the plague! You don’t want to appear irrelevant and outdated when you’re doing Valentine’s Day marketing. You can still use the above components relating to Valentine’s Day in ways that will wow potential customers. 

Remember you will fall under the scrutiny of many Valentine’s Day celebrators if you look dusty.

But don’t worry, this next segment will help you in that regard. We will explore 4 design ideas that your brand can use for your Valentine’s Day campaign which will be one of the best campaigns your brand has done. 

Let’s jump right in!

4 Design Ideas for Valentine’s Day Marketing

We’ve gathered a collection of the best material we’ve come across for Valentine’s Day campaigns. Here’s the first one:

1. Lancome Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar

Advent calendars have become all the hype in product promotion in recent years. And Lancome is known for rolling out an advent color each year as Valentine’s Day approaches. It’s the perfect marketing campaign to showcase products and give people a taste of their products. But before most customers see or use the product what stands to grab their attention is the awesome packaging. 

The above-featured images are of the advent calendar for this year’s Valentine’s Day campaign. You can see by the sleek look they’ve gone in a unique approach that makes you want to purchase it as we’ve seen first-hand in the comment section on Instagram!

Here’s a closer look at the packaging:

The design features a dark color scheme predominantly in purple and black, a choice influenced by the product’s theme – translated as the “night treasure.” In line with this theme, the packaging prominently displays a starry night sky as the background, subtly suggesting a romantic ambiance. 

The outer packaging, executed in black, serves to accentuate the diamond-shaped perfume bottle in a striking shade of purple. Inside, the use of swirling patterns, as previously mentioned, adds fluidity. 

The overall effectiveness of this Valentine’s Day marketing design lies in its mysterious allure, achieved through the thoughtful combination of colors, theme, and various design elements. The font pairings also contribute to the overall harmony and appeal of the design.

2. GU Desserts Limited Edition Packaging

GU is a dessert-manufacturing food company based in the UK. With the increase in the cost of living 6 in 10 adults have stopped spending on nonessential items. And so this campaign named, “Love is…” was created to encourage couples to use this small gesture of gifting a Valentine-themed sweet treat to their loved ones. 

And the benefit of this gift is that there’s a chance to receive more than just an ooey-gooey treat. Scanning the QR code on the package enrolls them into a giveaway with more rewards. 

Now what makes this Valentine’s Day marketing campaign effective is first and foremost the packaging design.

The packaging layout is impeccably suited for its purpose, deviating from the usual design to emphasize its Valentine’s Day theme. 

A key aspect of the advertising strategy involves incorporating sweet and affectionate words prominently displayed on both the top and side of the packaging. The top message is strategically rendered in an optimal font size, ensuring visibility and clarity. To enhance legibility, the background color is modified where the consumer benefit statement is positioned on the top right side. 

Another noteworthy design element involves replacing the usual white accent marks on the product name “GU” with two vibrant red hearts. 

Altogether, this represents a clever and effective piece of Valentine’s Day marketing.

3. MAC Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Makeup Set

This year MAC has released a Valentine’s Day-themed limited edition makeup range called Lovestruck Luck Collection. This Valentine’s design-inspired makeup range is curated by selecting their best-selling makeup products. 

What’s different is the special edition packaging. And that’s what we’re excited to talk about. 

As evident in the showcased examples, the MAC Valentine’s Day marketing campaign incorporates fundamental elements of the event, embracing bold reds and romantic heart motifs. As discussed earlier regarding the nitty gritty of Valentine’s Day marketing, the use of red and hearts represents classic design components.

However, what sets this design apart is the remarkable execution by MAC’s design team, transforming basic elements into a captivating product packaging design.

The heart shape, synonymous with Valentine’s Day, is artfully arranged in a stacked and side-by-side fashion, creating an engaging heart print that resembles mermaid-like scales. The dominance of red in this print enhances its visual impact. What truly elevates this design and the overall campaign is the meticulous application of the recurring design element across various products.

For instance, the highlighter features the print in a red outline, while products like lipsticks and mascara bottles incorporate a red-filled pattern. Even subtler forms of the print are integrated into other products like powder compacts and eyeshadow palette casings. 

This strategic and restrained approach to design demonstrates the thoughtful consideration given to each product’s packaging – a crucial aspect of successful Valentine’s Day marketing.

4. Target Valentine’s Activities Guide Instagram Story

Target is the one-stop shop for all your needs. And this Valentine’s Day, they’re emphasizing this very thing that they’ve got everything necessary for you to celebrate the occasion in style. 

Target’s Valentine’s Day marketing campaign revolves around gift ideas and the activities that you can do with your loved ones on the day of. The campaign appeared on their Instagram Stories as seen above. 

Brand color clashes pose no challenge in Target’s advertising and Valentine’s Day campaigns, given that Target’s brand colors inherently include red and white. What enhances the appeal of this campaign is the adept utilization of design elements and captivating product shots, enticing customers to explore more details on their website. 

The diverse small elements serving as patterns for the backgrounds, ranging from toffees to lips, hearts, and swirls, evoke a strong sense of the Valentine’s Day theme. The various shades of red are seamlessly harmonized, contributing to the overall aesthetic.

It’s evident that the campaign extensively incorporates the most iconic elements associated with Valentine’s Day, evoking a nostalgic and reminiscent feeling of simpler and happier times. 

Beyond the visual allure, the offerings are irresistibly tempting, making it highly likely that individuals would be inclined to discover more and explore additional ideas. Clicking on the link directs you to the page depicted below.

Even the website is locked and loaded to give out a sense of longing to purchase something for a loved one with the hearts theme in pink in the background. One point to gather from here is to keep the theme running even when you’re directing your customers outside of an app. 

All in all, this is great Valentine’s Day marketing. 

Inspired By These Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas?

We’re sure that these ideas may have given you an idea of where to start. No matter what industry you’re in at least one of these ideas could be of help to you this approaching Valentine’s Day. 

Walmart Data Ventures show that in 2023 the statistics of people expecting to buy Valentine’s Day gifts increased from 61% to 64%. Who knows, it may be on the rise this year as well. So get ready with your marketing campaigns because you want to be ready when the people come shopping. Stick to the right design practices and get creative as much as you can because that will ensure you get noticed even amidst the fierce competition. 

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