5 Video Content Types That Actually Matter in Marketing

video content

Marketing is about selling your products and services. But good marketing is about telling a story. The story of what makes your brand and the products your offer so special. It is this story that makes a lasting connection with your customers. And what better way to tell a story than with a video! 

Videos are fun and interactive ways to connect with your audience. So, video design or motion graphics can be valuable assets to make your brand memorable. But the question is what kind of video content will be effective for your brand? Demo videos, FAQ videos, the choices are plenty. Before we talk about the video content types that most brands benefit from, let’s look at the real perks of adding videos to your content plan. 

Why is video so important for brands?

video content

Nearly 86% of businesses consider video to be a valuable marketing tool. But why is there a sudden shift towards increasing video content marketing? Why do brands actively use videos to promote their brands and engage with their audience? 

Videos are more stimulating and easier to understand. And they can convey so much information in so little time. Naturally, they are more engaging. When people come across an engaging video that impresses them, they are eager to share them. 

So, a single well-crafted video not just makes an emotional connection with your audience but also increases your reach and strengthens your brand. If that does not sound convincing to you, here are some statistics about using video content in marketing. 

So, yes, videos are kind of a big deal in marketing. And if your current marketing strategy seems to be struggling a bit, a strong video marketing plan can give your business a gentle boost. 

But remember, like every other type of content, even with video content, you need to be sure that you are offering a personalized experience to your customers. The key is to understand the different types of videos you can create for your brand. And then use the right kind at the right place. This way customers will have all the information they need to know about your brand and the product they are looking for, right when they need it. 

Types of videos that every brand benefits from

1. Brand overview videos

Brand overview videos or company introduction videos could be short videos that give customers a peek into your brand story. Or something that quickly and clearly explains to them what your brand does or who it is for. 

The one big advantage of a brand overview video is that it introduces your brand to prospective customers. And it familiarizes them with the multitude of services or products you offer. 

Brand overview videos help increase brand awareness. 

2. FAQ Videos 

Adding a list of frequently asked questions to your landing page or even having a dedicated page for this on your website will be good. But what if you came up with video content to summarize these ideas? This can be in the form of an informative FAQ video that conveys the message in a quick few seconds. This enhances the experience many folds. And also caters to the needs of audiences with short attention spans.  

In most cases, customers leave the site or hesitate to place an order if they have doubts about the brand. FAQ videos tell them that you have understood their concerns. Because it takes a good understanding of your customers to put together valuable questions for the FAQ videos.

FAQ videos answer your customers’ questions about your brand and take them closer to making a purchase. 

3. Demo videos 

For physical products, demo videos can add more value to the product listing page. And for software products, demo videos can be used on the software purchase or download page and also in the application marketplaces. 

A demo video gives a brief taste of what using the product feels like. Seeing the product in action will make it easier for customers to know whether the product is relevant to them. This is one other type of video that can be persuasive enough to convert leads to customers. But remember that most demo videos are short. 

Well-designed demo videos reduce the chances of cart abandonment. 

4. Explainer videos 

What’s the most effective way to sell a product? Convince customers by explaining to them why they need the product. And that’s exactly what an explainer video does. These videos give customers a slight background of the problem and then go on to explain how the product can solve this problem. 

Explainer videos can run slightly longer than demo videos. And these are more suitable for use on YouTube and Facebook where long videos are effective. A clipped version of the video that conveys a brief and adds a cliffhanger can be used on Instagram Stories to direct people to your explainer videos. As a general rule, explainer videos mostly target customers who are still in the early stage of their purchase journey. While quick demo videos can convince them in the final stage. 

A good explainer video gets customers to strongly consider your brand for their purchase. 

5. Testimonial video 

As you already know, these are video testimonials from your customers. Real customer stories are the best ways to convince customers and eliminate any doubts they have about your brand. 2 out of 3 consumers make purchase decisions based on testimonial videos. 

If getting customers to record and share video reviews does not seem feasible, you can also create a simple review video that showcases the reviews that customers leave on your social media pages. 

Customers trust testimonials from actual customers when they have doubts about the experience. 

Other motion graphics types worth exploring 

The above videos all have specific purposes. So, when you place them in the right spot, you assist customers in moving to the next stage in their purchase journey. The key is to keep up with the trends when you plan the content of the video. But besides these regular videos for marketing. Your brand might also benefit from a few other types of motion graphics like:

Long-form videos vs. short-form videos

Brands that finally grasp the potential of videos then encounter confusion between long-form and short-form video content. A good video content plan for a brand will be a mix of both long-form videos and short videos. 

You can use your short videos on your Instagram and Facebook Reels for better reach. And then you can use this reach to gain more traffic to your long-form videos on YouTube. These long-form videos can be educational. Long videos that add a lot of value have better chances of convincing users to make a purchase decision. And they also help customers understand your brand better. 

Sourcing video content for your brand 

One of the biggest challenges that many brands face with respect to video marketing is the time and effort it takes to consistently create video content. There are so many other tasks to focus on. Given that video is just the tip of the marketing iceberg, you can always outsource video content

If you need to put together a quick video for your Instagram Story, you can use actual footage captured on your phone. A few basic touch-ups will help you create beautiful videos. But when you need videos for your promotional activities and brand identity design, like the videos used on your website home page and landing pages, professional videos create a better impression. 

Use video content to elevate your brand’s digital marketing strategy 

Almost all social media platforms allow video sharing today. But the formats vary from one platform to another. This can be in terms of the orientation of the video (for example, vertical videos work best on Instagram Reels). The key is to create strong versatile concepts so that you can repurpose your content across different channels. Slight tweaks to the aspect ratio and other attributes make it possible to optimize the video for the platform you wish to share it. We hope these ideas sparked a few useful ideas to add to your video content plan. 

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