10 Top Unlimited Video Editing Services

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In today’s digital age, video content has become a powerful tool for businesses, individuals, and organizations to captivate their audiences. As the demand for high-quality videos continues to rise, finding a reliable and skilled video editing team becomes crucial. 

We’re sure you’re going all, “Been there, done that!” But have you tried an unlimited video editing service? An unlimited video editing service can transform your life and make everything so much easier. Yes, you heard it right—unlimited! If you haven’t had time to check this out, then sit back, relax, and let us introduce you to the top 10 unlimited video editing services available out there.

But first, let’s take a look at some common features of unlimited video editing services and how they operate. 

Common Features of Unlimited Video Editing Services

Almost all unlimited video editing services typically follow the same model. There could be slight nuances depending on the scope of service but they basically have the same features.

Here you will find a list of these common features:

  1. All unlimited video editing services operate under the “subscription model”. In other words, there is a recurring flat-monthly fee. Some might charge extra for add-ons. 
  2. Most unlimited video editing services provide you with a team of professional editors along with an account manager/project manager. 
  3. With these services you can add unlimited requests and revisions.
  4. They work on a wide range of video editing work. 
  5. Most unlimited video editing services work without contracts meaning that the service can be canceled anytime. 

Now that we’ve understood the common features of an unlimited video editing service it’s time time check out the top 10 services out there. 

And without further ado, let’s jump right in!

1. Video Husky

Video Husky is an unlimited video editing service based in the US. Founder Justin Tan believes that content creators can grow in their craft with a dedicated video editor and account manager. 

Scope of Service

Video Husky offers 4 packages that can be chosen depending on your video production requirements. Each package has different levels of work that are fulfilled within that particular subscription. 

With this video editing service, you can choose the package that suits your needs based on the following criteria,

Maximum runtime10 minutes20 minutes30 minutes
Maximum footage20 minutes20 GB60 minutes40GB120 minutes100GB
Revisions 3unlimitedunlimited
Turnaround time2 days1-2 days1-2 days
  1. Pom – $549
  2. Eskimo – $749
  3. Siberian – $1590
  4. St.Bernard – Pricing on request

Thumbnails and subtitles aren’t included in the Pom and Eskimo packages but they can be added on for $109/month extra ー each.

They use Wrike, as their project management software to handle and manage video requests.

According to the description on their website, you can add in an unlimited amount of project requests which will be worked on one at a time. Adding another subscription is one way to further speed up the turnaround time. 

Video Husky, promise the delivery of the first draft within 1-2 days depending on the complexity. And, in the review process, Video Husky’s video review tool lets you leave comments directly on the timeline by marking specific elements in the video. 

Their Work

Here’s a snapshot of the feedback listed on their website from clients.

And here’s a detailed real-life experience of a customer who tried out Video Husky for an entire year.

Other Details

Just like most video editing services, Video Husky uses Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to work on client projects. 

2. VideoMako

Next on the list is VideoMako. Ben Graham, the founder, helped content creators with video editing work even before he began VideoMako in 2017. His company runs on four values which are listed on his website: Growth, Collaboration, Trust, and Honesty. 

Scope of Service

Anyone who wishes to subscribe to their service will find it pretty straightforward and easy since there’s only 1 package available. Their main and only subscription plan is called the Standard plan which includes the following perks as listed on their website.

All communication happens on a custom-built portal designed to simplify the process of working with a video editor. There’s also the benefit of managing everything in one place after signing up.

Complex edits of over 50GB of raw footage would take around 3 business days as opposed to the standard delivery of 1-2 days. 

They work on almost all types of video edits except the following,

Notably, VideoMako promotes itself specifically to content creators and marketers with higher volumes of video projects needed within a month. 

This image featured on their website gives potential users a glimpse of the process that happens at VideoMako. 


The standard package without any of the add-ons is $495/month. VideoMako also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the work. You can also subscribe to the service and pay monthly or quarterly. 

If however, you require additional services they offer the following add-ons:

Their Work

Here are some videos that VideoMako has helped customers create.


This is a review from a customer who has been working with them for a year.

Other Details

Like most video editing services, VideoMako uses Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to edit videos. 

3. Flocksy

Flocksy was founded by Sam, Charles, and George Ryan. They established this company with the aim of providing high-quality graphic design, web development, and video editing services to businesses of all sizes. Flocksy is not only limited to video editing services but offers other services like graphic design, custom illustrations, and motion graphics to name a few. 

Scope of Service

They offer 3 tiers of service. Namely, the Silver Plan, Gold Plan, and Platinum Plan. Out of these 3 plans, the Silver Plan does not include video editing services. 

The packages that include video editing services are the Gold and Platinum Plans. These packages additionally include graphic design services, copywriting, voiceovers, and audio work. 

Here are a few notable features of these plans:

And this snapshot from the Flocksy website will help cover the types of work that are listed under their video editing services.


Here’s an image that better describes their services according to each tier and its price. 

Their Work

Next, let’s check out some of Flocksy’s video editing work just so that you can get a glimpse of their work. 


Flocksy has a 4.8 rating on TrustPilot. 

Here’s what one user has to say.

Other Details

Flocksy can add subtitles to your videos if you request it. There is also a limit of up to 5 minutes for creating and editing videos.


KIMP is an unlimited graphic and video design service supporting clients from all around the world. It was founded by Senthu Velnayagam and Ven Velnayagam. Senthu believes in taking client feedback to heart and anticipating their needs. This sentiment is quite evident in their business model.

Scope of Service

KIMP takes a simple approach by offering an affordable structure without multiple levels of service or expensive add-ons. They provide 5 distinct plan options that cater to specific needs.

  1. KIMP Graphics 
  2. KIMP Video
  3. Kimp Graphics + Video

Then there are the Kimp subscriptions for Canva designs:

  1. Canva Graphics
  2. Canva Plus (which includes both graphics and video animations within Canva)

This variety allows users to choose the plan that best suits their requirements. For the purpose of this blog, we will focus solely on discussing the components of Kimp’s video editing services. The KIMP Video and KIMP Graphics + Video are the plans that cover video editing. Additionally, these plans also include video design for short-form videos. 

All communications, request updates and briefs will be made on their custom-built project management tool called KIMP 360. 

Here are some perks that you can enjoy with KIMP besides the usual features that are offered in unlimited video editing services,

An extensive list of specific video design types that KIMP works on can be found here.

One unique service that KIMP provides is video design with the use of Canva. They even have a plan specifically dedicated to providing graphics and videos created in Canva – Canva Plus. And there are a host of benefits to their Canva services,


Take a look at the prices listed on their website for their plans. 

Here is the pricing for the Canva plans.

There’s a 50% off discount that applies to new clients for the first 2 months for any one of the plans above. 

If you’re afraid to commit without testing the waters then there’s the 7-day free trial that Kimp offers to anyone who wants to evaluate their video editing services. 

Their Work 

Let’s take a look at some of their work.


Kimp has an impressive 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot. Here’s what users have to say.

Other Details

KIMP has a global team with designers working in different time zones. So they assign a team that works in a timezone that’s closest to yours. And this helps avoid communication delays. 

5. beCreatives

Birute Efe founded the unlimited video editing service, beCreatives. Their packages appear to have promise so let’s learn more about their service scope to see if it’s a good fit for you. 

Scope of Service

The service is designed to help engage audiences and build brands through custom-branded videos, explainer videos, video ads, and more.

Have a look at the 2 types of services listed on their website.

This image illustrated on their website will be able to explain their process better.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of beCreatives besides the usual features:

beCreatives offers personalized video content strategy calls with a creative director, allowing users to discuss their specific video editing needs. What’s more, upon completion of this call users receive a discount code for their subscription plan. This personalized approach aims to provide tailored solutions for content creators.

If you’re not sure about which plan suits you best, not to fret. beCreatives has got you covered. They have a short quiz that helps you decide on this challenging question. 


Scale and Pro, two of their tiers, cost $899 and $1999 per month, respectively. The Scale package is for medium volumes of work, and it comes with a few more add-on services like adding in a Creative Director and providing unique video templates, that could raise the cost slightly. But paying quarterly or annually could help reduce that cost. 

The Pro bundle is what you should choose if you have a lot of work as it includes a host of services. 

On their website, you can see in full what each bundle includes.  

Also, as we mentioned above, after completing their strategy call with a Creative director you get a discount code for $100 for video editing subscription plans. 

Their Work

This demo video for beCreatives will help you understand their level of work along with more details about their service

You can also check out their extensive video gallery 


Here are some snippets from user reviews for beCreatives posted on Trustpilot.

If you’d like to learn more about how beCreatives’ services were received by customers, feel free to watch their YouTube testimonials. 

Other Details

beCreatives offers 24/7 customer support. 

6. Edit Crew

Edit Crew is a US-based video editing service founded by Ben Poss. He has helped video production companies cut their video editing costs by 63%

Scope of Service

Edit Crew has 2 packages for video editing services. The Essentials plan and the Pro plan. You can choose a plan based on the amount of editing work you require. 

Their process is simple. You will have to fill out a brief questionnaire after you subscribe to Edit Crew. The design brief contains all the information you must give to the designer in order for them to complete the project. 

Let’s now take a look at who this service is most suitable for as listed on their website:


The Essentials plan goes at a price of $1500 and the Pro plan at $2450. Though the price seems higher than other services listed here, Edit Crew allots more hours a week to work on your video edits. This means that they can tackle a large volume of video editing work. And there are no extra add-on charges. There is also a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Their Work

You can find a number of videos that they have edited, featured on their website. You can also categorize based on different platforms which is pretty convenient. 


Here’s what satisfied customers have to say:

You can watch the full review here

You can watch the full review here.

Other Details

They have no limit to the amount of raw footage you can submit but they do say that the turnaround time might increase because of the time it takes to download large submissions. 

Also, they provide you with project files along with the additional assets they’ve used. 

7. Irisbits

Irisbits is a company that specializes in graphic design and video editing. They are situated in Bristol, United Kingdom, and function with a small team of designers. 

Scope of Service

This illustration featured on their website will explain their process better.

They categorize their service benefits based on 2 types of client groups called Content Creators and Business. 

For Content Creators

Working with the same team of experts can guarantee a consistent format and style making it suitable for content creators. 

For Business

Using Irisbits can help businesses cut down hiring and admin costs and receive quality video editing services.

Overall benefits include

There is no trouble in having to consider which package works best for you because there’s only 1 package to choose from. 

Here’s a look at the kind of video requests they undertake.


Have a look at the pricing scheme below. It’s most impressive given the scope of work they cover and the benefits they offer. 

Their Work

The videos listed below are done by Irisbits. 

You can also visit their website to view examples of their work.


Let’s take a look at a few reviews. 

Other Details

They work on only one project at a time. But again it’s a fair trade given the low price. 

8. Delesign 

Delesign was founded in 2017. They aim to simplify the design process by providing a dedicated team of designers to handle various design projects.

Scope of Service

Delesign offers 2 types of packages called Graphic Designer and Multimedia Specialist. Out of these, the 2nd package is what we’re looking into since it’s the one that offers video editing services. 

The Multimedia Specialist package includes the following benefits and features pertaining to video editing services:

They have a simple 4-step process that goes like this,

Step 1: Match with your designer.

Step 2: Submit your request.

Step 3: They go to work on your requests.

Step 4: You get your work.

They also offer the following benefits in their service besides the usual features under this model,


Covering most basic video editing tasks, the Multimedia Specialist package is priced at $899/mo but for a limited amount of time, they’re offering it at $799/mo. 

They also offer a 15-day money-back guarantee.

Their work

You can find some impressive videos created by Delesign featured on their website.


Here’s a review from a happy client who has loved using Delesign’s video editing services. 

Here you will find a case study for Delesign. It explains how a company by the name of Lunar Digital Assets improved its digital marketing strategies with the help of Delesign. 

Other Details

Delesign has its own custom-built portal to manage requests. But to anyone who wishes to avoid using the portal, there is also the option to submit projects via email. Also, the team spends 2 hours per day on your projects.

9. Visugu

Visugu is a leading video editing service founded by Francis Lee. 

Scope of Service

Depending on the complexity of the projects, they can complete your edits within 24 hours. 

They have 3 types of plans called Single Job, Casual, and The Director. All three packages offer unlimited video revisions but the first 2 have a cap on the number of videos they undertake. Out of these, the last one would be the one for those of you looking for unlimited video editing services. 

Let’s look at a list of features and benefits that Visigu offers with “The Director” plan:

Visugu also offers customized plans for anyone who wants a larger output volume. You can contact them and let them know your requirements. 

Now let’s look at the simple process of how it works.


The Director plan which is of interest to us in this blog, costs $999 USD/month. They offer a 100% 14-day money-back guarantee for new customers during the first 14 days. 

Their Work

To get an overview of their work have a look at these videos done for their customers. 


Here are some reviews by happy customers, featured on their website.

Other Details

They will only work on 1 request at a time. But given the price and the overall features and benefits they offer within the unlimited video plan, it’s a good bargain. While they can handle most video editing work, they don’t do any animation work. 


Unbound is a creative agency specializing in content creation. They have now expanded into an unlimited video editing service as well. The team at Unbound Video Productions is aware that learning the art of video editing takes a lot of time and may not be a content creator’s forte. And they are willing to offer exceptional services to make up for that. 

Scope of Service

Unbound video productions have only one plan which you can subscribe to monthly or on a yearly basis. Regardless they both offer unlimited editing services. 

According to their website, here’s how their service works.

And here’s why Unbound thinks you should choose their services.


Unbound’s flat fee rate goes at €495/month. That’s roughly about $540/month. And if you sign up for a year you can get a 20% discount and pay €395/month (roughly $431). 

They also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are not 100% happy with the work. 

They also offer the following subscription add-ons if you’re looking for more services.

Their Work

Here are some video edits done by Unbound.


Here’s a review from a happy client.

Other Details

Unbound creative agency works with leading brands like Samsung and Spotify to come up with content for their social media and business strategies. Their unlimited video editing services are an extension of their main content-creating business. You can also check out their main website for more details. 

What’s the overall takeaway?

As you can tell, there are a variety of unlimited video editing services out there. And it’s completely up to you to decide which service works best for you. 

Unlimited graphic design and video editing services are essential in scaling your business. They offer flexibility, enhance creativity, provide professional-grade quality, save time, increase accessibility, enable collaboration, and promote continuous improvement. 

So from this list, pick an unlimited video editing service that works for you and start producing captivating videos that resonate with your audience and achieve your creative objectives effectively.

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