Unlimited Graphic Design Subscription: Awesomic Review 2024

In today’s interconnected world, graphic and video design play an indispensable role, particularly in the realm of advertising where effective design can make or break businesses. But a lot of these businesses hit a wall when it comes to finding top-tier designers to get effective design done. And this adds an extra layer of pressure.

Enter unlimited graphic design solutions, arguably one of the most groundbreaking models of the century. The extensive array of features and advantages offered by these services is simply irresistible to those who have gone through extensive processes of hiring freelancers and expensive design agencies. In all these struggles, opting for unlimited design services often emerges as the pragmatic choice.

In this context, we’re positioned to delve into a comprehensive review of Awesomic, a prominent player in the unlimited design service landscape. This review will furnish you with an in-depth exploration of Awesomic’s story, range of services, and other pivotal details crucial for anyone contemplating them as their design partner.

Let’s begin!

Awesomic Review: About Awesomic

Awesomic, formerly known as Pizdata App, is an unlimited graphic design service originating from Ukraine. Co-founded in 2020 by Stacy Pavlyshyna and Roman Sevast, the company’s journey as a startup has been nothing short of inspirational. 

Despite navigating the challenges of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict that erupted in 2021, Awesomic persevered and eventually made significant strides in its growth trajectory.

In a pivotal move during the second quarter of 2021, Awesomic secured a spot in Y Combinator, one of Silicon Valley’s premier startup accelerators. This milestone catapulted them into a thriving business, boasting a workforce of nearly 200 employees presently operating remotely. They were also one of the fastest-growing companies in Ukraine in 2021. 

The impetus behind Awesomic stemmed from Stacy and Roman’s frustrating experiences in hiring competent designers. They conceptualized the company’s name by amalgamating the phrase “awesome on the cosmic level,” reflecting their aspiration for unparalleled excellence in design services.

Awesomic and its team have had their second Forbes Ukraine cover feature and they continue to grow in both fame and excellence. 

Awesomic’s brand identity and tone resonate with space-themed elements, astronauts, and related motifs, employing a color palette dominated by white, black, and silver hues. Their overall aesthetic exudes an otherworldly vibe, aligning seamlessly with their mission to deliver stellar design solutions.

Let’s now move ahead to look at their service scope. 

Awesomic Review: Service Scope

Awesomic’s offerings and business model make it an on-demand subscription-based design service even though they don’t brand itself as an “unlimited design service”. And, when it comes to the scope in which they provide their services, they’re slightly different from the conventional unlimited design services we know. 

A lot of the unlimited design services focus more on getting the design part done as per the instructions of the client as speedily and efficiently as possible. But the service process at Awesomic slightly differs as they offer a more hands-on approach. In other words, it’s a more interactive process much like you can expect from a design and marketing agency. For those who seek this sort of input from designers, Awesomic can be of value. 

But in terms of Awesomic’s design services, they are more or less the same when compared to other similar services. There are some areas in which they offer a bit more than some services but will take a look at that later. 

Let’s now take a moment to look at their design scope.

Design Scope

Moving on, let’s review their plans and pricing details.

Plans And Pricing

Awesomic provides its services in 3 plans. 





1-to-1 Talent

Both the Light and Pro plans support only one active task at a time. To increase the number of active tasks you can stack up subscriptions. Awesomic also provides daily updates about task progress. 

Moving ahead let’s review how you can get started with Awesomic and other processes that you need to be aware of. 

Awesomic Review: Getting Started With A Subscription And Other Processes

To get started you can simply log in using your Google account. Once signed in you will be asked to select a plan:

Once you select the plan, you can get started with their trial. 

Awesomic provides a week-long, 7-day trial for a small sum of $7. 

During the trial week, one task is concurrently covered under both the Light and Pro plans.

And like most unlimited design services that offer some sort of trial period, Awesomic does not provide source files during this time. 

Fortunately for those who tried one project during the trial and don’t require any more work done, there’s an option available to buy the completed design. It’ll cost you $149 for graphic work and $399 for UI designs, brand identity work, illustrations, presentations, etc. 

In case you don’t like the design, you can get a full refund. But it has to be communicated during the first 7-days of your trial. 

Similarly, if you want to skip the trial and get started, the Awesomic team can manually make the switch to a monthly subscription. Simply reach out to a Customer Success Agent on their chat or email them. 

Adding Requests

Once all the payment info has been updated and subsequently processed you can select the type of design you need created from a list of design categories. 

To find the design types that are supported within your plan pay attention to the icon next to the design type. There will be a blue icon with an “L” for the Light Plan and a red icon with a “P” for the Pro Plan. 

After this selection is properly made, you can start crafting your brief. Observe the form below:

You also have the option to craft a brief using their AI task brief generator. Do note that at the time of writing this review, it’s still in the Beta phase. 

If you already have a distinct brand that you need your designers to follow then we suggest updating your brand settings in the designated folders.

Communication With The Designers

With Awesomic you can schedule calls with your designers regularly. You can simply use the call option available within each task. 

Besides a call, you have the option to communicate with your designers in 3 other ways.

One is to use Slack which is supported in all the plans. You can communicate all task-related info, etc within your Slack channel. 

The second way is to simply use email. Just respond to your designer as you regularly would. 

Both Slack and email conversations are synced and saved within the Awesomic app so that you always have track of your messages.

The third way is to use Figma’s collaborative tools like Figma comments. You can also access your Figma files in full-screen mode within the Awesomic app. 

This would be a perfect time to mention that Awesomic primarily uses Figma to create designs and you can expect your source files only in Figma. But on the plus side collaborations would be very easy and smooth. 

However, this might seem problematic for those used to apps within the Adobe Suite or those who prefer simple design apps like Canva. 

With that let’s move on to how the actual design process works at Awesomic. 

Design Process and Turnaround Time.

Once a design request is submitted, Awesomic’s algorithm matches you with the right designer who is qualified and experienced to tackle it. A lot of the unlimited design services we know assign a dedicated designer, but it is unknown if they follow algorithms to do so. 

There’s another key difference we’d like to bring to your attention. Most unlimited design services have a turnaround time ranging between 24-48 hours. In some cases where a task is particularly complex, it would extend to around 3-4 days. And in most cases, you can expect a completed design within this time frame. 

With Awesomic, their turnaround time and design process work differently. They promise a 24-hour turnaround time but this turnaround time is for micro-iterations of your design. In other words, you should not expect a finished version of your design in the 24-hour turnaround time. Rather, Awesomic presents a daily iteration of your work progress every 24 hours. 

But on a positive note, this presentation of daily iterations helps the designers understand if they’re on the right track. In fact, you could end up saving more time.

Swapping Designers

One of the perks of using unlimited design services is the option to pay the same and choose a different designer. Sometimes a fresh perspective helps. And at Awesomic they’re happy to match you with a different designer. 

It’s now time to move ahead to look at some of their work. Let’s go ahead.

Awesomic Review: Examples Of Their Work

We will categorize the work examples according to the categories available on their website.

UI/UX Design
Logo & Branding
Graphic Design

Awesomic’s motion design work is also to be commended much like the designs in the above other categories. We recommend visiting their website to view some of their motion design samples. 

Awesomic Review: Client Reviews

Moving on, it’s time to look at some client reviews. The best way that potential clients can gauge a service is by looking at what current clients have to say about them. 

Awesomic Website

Here’s a look at some snapshots of the reviews and ratings featured on their website. 


Based on 53 reviews on Trustpilot, Awesome has a 4.8/5 rating. One client says this about Awesomic:

 “Company worth to work with! Great designers and developers who can cover all of your tasks.”

Dmytro Kuzovliev-

Here’s another detailed review from a happy client:

“We used Awesomic to complete 3 tasks:

– Branding guidelines (logo, color, font)

– Webpage design (Figma)

– Webpage development (Webflow)

For a price of a single monthly Pro subscription we managed to fully complete all our tasks at an astonishing level of diligence and speed. We strongly recommend Awesomic as a reliable design-agnostic partner!”

Maks Strukov-


Awesomic has a 4.9/5 rating on G2 out of 10 reviews. 

Here’s what one happy client says when asked about what they like about Awesomic:

“The ease of use, daily updates, friendly team, and talented team at Awesomic makes them so awesome to work with!”

When asked what he dislikes about Awesomic, he had this to say, 

“I wish I had all of them full time! My only dislike is that I can’t afford to bring the whole team on full time! Haha!”

Payton W.

Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

And on that note, let’s move ahead and wrap up with Awesomic review. 

Awesomic Review: Wrap And Verdict

As highlighted earlier in this Awesomic review, graphic and video design hold immense importance in various endeavors with 60.8% of digital marketers saying visual assets are a must for successful marketing.  And this demand for exceptional design makes unlimited design services such as Awesomic invaluable. Awesomic stands out for its commitment to providing professional-grade assistance, setting itself apart in terms of quality. With a team comprised solely of qualified designers, Awesomic offers expert-level solutions. 

However, we’d like to present a comparison, outlining some subtle disparities observed in this service compared to other known similar services.

  1. Logo and brand identity aren’t fulfilled in the basic plan. (Most unlimited design services include this design category in all their plans.)
  1. The iterative turnaround process. (Like we said before, with most unlimited design services you can expect a completed design within 24-48 hours.)
  1. Limited source file formats. (A lot of the unlimited design services we review offer a variety of source file formats.)

Regardless, Awesomic has a solid operation and turns out truly awesome work, and based on your requirements they could be a great asset to add to your team.

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