Unlimited Video Editing Subscription: Visugu Review 2024

The key to success in marketing lies in both what you market and how you market it.

As such, using videos is a great way to market your content. Because videos are the most widely consumed form of content, thus they present compelling opportunities. 

Even statistics show that 50% of the content churned out in 2023, were videos. One of the main reasons is how engaging video content tends to be, generating 1200% more shares than text-based content. 

And just like that, we’ve gotten you excited about video content creation. But we know that video editing is a nightmare of a job to do on your own. Even with excellent footage, it’s not easy stitching, cutting, and splicing up those videos solo to turn out polished and convincing videos. 

If hiring is your next option, that too is difficult as there are so many video editors out there to choose from. Which is why, we recommend unlimited video editing services. 

In this blog, we bring to you a review of Visugu, one of the leading unlimited video editing services. By the end of this Visugu review, you will learn all that you need to know about them.

So let’s begin!

Visugu Review: About Visugu

Visugu, established in 2018 by Francis Lee, stands as a testament to his extensive expertise across various domains including marketing, graphic design, search engine optimization, and website usability.

Holding pivotal roles as director, founder, or manager in multiple operational ventures, Francis Lee’s diverse experiences culminated in the creation of Visugu, a dedicated endeavor to offer streamlined video editing solutions through a productized approach. 

Notably, he innovated UnicornGo, an unlimited graphic design service, within this same productized framework. Additionally, he remains fully engaged as Director in Pixelsquare, a full-service digital agency founded in 2004.

Visugu is based in Sydney, Australia with their account managers also being from Australia. However, almost all of their video editors are located in the Philippines. 

Let’s move ahead to take a look at the service scope offered at Visugu and how they can help your video editing needs. 

Visugu Review: Service Scope

Unlimited video editing is a dream for those who have high volumes of video editing work. Because you can get as many videos churned out as possible for a given subscription month. But it’s important to manage your expectations about how “unlimited” a service’s scope is. 

For example, Visugu supports unlimited revisions in all of their available plans but in terms of the number of requests undertaken it depends on the plan you select. Let’s look at more of that information as we unpack details about their scope and the different plans. 

Visugu offers any sort of work that is traditionally classified as video editing work. Here’s a more detailed list of the types of videos they attend to.

Types Of Videos Edited By Visugu

Here are the types of work they include within the category of video editing:

Video Editing Scope At Visugu

Even so, there are certain types of work not fulfilled by them. Let’s take a look at that as well:

Services Not Undertaken At Visugu

One very interesting thing about the scope at Visugu is that they undertake wedding video editing. This could be because they don’t have any duration limitations within any of their plans. That in itself is a plus point for Visugu because most unlimited editing services have limitations on how much footage is accepted for editing. 

They don’t provide source files by default but as long as you communicate that you need them they’d be happy to provide it.

Now that we’ve had a look at the general scope, let’s talk about their plans, and pricing details to obtain more clarity on what this scope looks like within each respective plan. 

Plans And Pricing

Single Job

$249/per job

This package caters to individuals seeking one-time projects As depicted, the pricing is outlined per project. Compared to prevailing freelance video editor rates, this offers exceptional value. The inclusion of unlimited revisions for tasks undertaken within this plan adds to the allure.



Regarding this specific plan, there’s a minor concern that potential clients might notice. The claim of “unlimited video edits” isn’t entirely accurate here. The listings specify fulfilling only up to 4 video editing requests per month. 

Nonetheless, this may not pose a significant issue for some clients. If a task is initiated at the beginning of the week and delivered to the client within the 1-3 day turnaround time, it still allows ample room for revisions. In all likelihood, a task could be completed by the week’s end, aligning with the 4 requests per month, or one per week.

The Director


This plan perfectly embodies the unlimited aspect promised and closely mirrors the offerings of other unlimited video editing services -maybe even more. 

This is great for video production houses and large marketing agencies. 

Additional Scope Details

Both Casual and The Director plans include the following:

And for all these plans, the turnaround time is solely dependent on how complex your request is. No surprises there. 

And one more important thing to note is that there are no add-on services. Everything is inclusive. Some other unlimited editing services put an extra price tag on features like subtitles and thumbnails but Visugu is generous with their inclusions and doesn’t treat those kinds of services as exclusive features. 

Moving on, let’s take a look at how you can get started with them.

Visugu Review: Getting Started And Other Subscription-Related Details

Once you’ve selected the plan that suits your needs, just click the sign-up button, and you’ll be guided to the payment portal. Upon successful processing of your payment, you’ll receive an email containing comprehensive details to kickstart your journey. This includes instructions on how to submit your requests, access to the briefing template, and other pertinent information.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the important processes and subscription-related details you need to know.

Process Of Sending And Receiving Requests

All requests are added to the portal that you can access through their website. You can simply upload the footage you need edited to any cloud storage facility like DropBox or Google Drive and send the link along with the briefing template provided on their website, specifying what exactly you need them to do. You can also add any other content or text that you need added. Don’t forget to add your brand guidelines if you have them. 

After receiving the request Visugu will provide a “time quote”. A Time Quote is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an estimate of how much time it will take to come back with the video edit. 

And then they will immediately start working on your video. You can expect to receive your video edited and ready within the time frame detailed on your subscription plan. 

They don’t appear to have any special revision tool on their portal. In any case, revisions are welcome and Visugu will continue to revise till you’re fully happy. 

Once you’re happy with the final output you’re required to sign off the work. It’s how Visugu confirms that you’ve accepted your video edit. If no sign-off is received within 3 business days of providing the finished work, it will be considered accepted.

Account Details

Visugu supports multiple brands within a single account. You can even share your account with a friend or an associate. There are no restrictions on that front. But do note that whether you have multiple brands or share your account with someone else, they will only work on one active task at a time. 

So make sure to be very clear about the order in which tasks need to be completed. 

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied with the results, or with anything for that matter, and you’re still within the first 14 days of your subscription, you can expect to get a full refund. 

But do note that once you go for this refund, whatever work you have completed so far remains the property of Visugu and cannot be used by anyone else. 

Pausing and Canceling

Visugu does not have a pause feature like some unlimited design services do. But they do allow cancellations at any time before the next billing date. Once cancelled you will continue to have access to your files till the end of that billing cycle. 

With that let’s move ahead to look at some of their video editing work. 

Visugu Review: Video Samples

Here’s a look at the video editing work done by Visugu:

A wedding video edit by Visugu

A talking heads video edited by Visugu

A video edited for the YouTube channel, Vincenzo’s Plate

A vertical social media video edited by Visugu

A movie breakdown edit by Visugu

A Facebook ad edited by Visugu

Let’s jump in and look at some customer reviews for Visugu. 

Visugu Review: Client Reviews

It’s important to read reviews to make an informed decision about a product before buying it. 

Here are some reviews featured on their website:

Website Reviews

Visugu has a 3.9-star rating out of 5 stars on Trustburn based on 10 reviews. 

One client says, “Visugu has provided exceptional service. I am satisfied with the quality of their product. It has exceeded my expectations.”

Noah Jarosh

Another says, “The customer service at Visugu is top-notch. They were responsive and resolved my issue quickly. I highly recommend their services.”

Laura Estrada

Based on the reviews, it seems that the founder of Visugu, Francis seems to be hands-on and involved with the work process. A lot of the reviews seem to praise him and his team for their quality and exceptional customer service. 

And with that let’s bring this Visugu review to a close. 

Visugu Review: Final Verdict

After extensively reviewing Visugu’s service offerings, plans, pricing, subscription and account details, work samples, and customer feedback, it’s evident that they maintain a robust operation. While there may be a shortage of reviews on prominent platforms, their quality work and satisfied clientele speak volumes about their credibility. That’s one of the reasons they made it to our list of top 10 unlimited video editing services

Some prospective clients might discover that Visugu’s services are comparatively constrained when compared to other comprehensive unlimited design services. The absence of motion graphics and animation work could potentially be problematic for individuals seeking additional enhancements for their videos and have more creative video ideas to bring to life. 

Services such as Design Pickle, No Limit Creatives, KIMP, and REEL UNLIMITED offer a broader range of graphic design, motion graphics, and video editing solutions. Therefore, if your project necessitates more than just video editing, we suggest exploring these alternatives as well.

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