Unlimited Video Editing: Video Husky Review 2024

Working with video content is undeniably taxing, particularly when dealing with raw footage. The tedious tasks of uploading, cutting, splicing, and patching alone can consume countless hours. For marketers, content creators, YouTubers, and others working in similar capacities, juggling these editing demands with other responsibilities is overwhelming. 

But you can’t overlook the importance of videos too. Because 93% of fellow marketers swear by the importance of video in their marketing strategies. So it’s one of those things that you just can’t ignore. 

Still, wouldn’t it be a relief to just have someone else handle it? But, freelancers and agencies can add complexity. With the unreliability of the former and the long processes of the latter, it can get even more overwhelming

Enter, unlimited video editing services. Say goodbye to burdensome processes and regulations; with unlimited video editing services, your editing woes are a thing of the past.

We’ve researched for you and in this blog, we bring to you a review of Video Husky. Video Husky is a well-known video editing service among others.

At the end of this review, you will come to learn if they are the right fit for you. 

Let’s begin this Video Husky review. 

Video Husky Review: About Video Husky

Video Husky is an unlimited video editing service based in Hong Kong. Founder Justin Tan, came up with the idea of Video Husky while he was running Facebook ads for his clients in 2018. Due to the increasing popularity of videos, he got into creating them but didn’t quite know the ropes. 

The continued demand for videos from his clients overwhelmed him and pushed him to hire a reliable video editor but because of his inexperience, he didn’t know what or who to look for. 

It was at that point that he came up with a system for churning out edited videos. The system involved a video editor with Justin taking care of client and project management-related things. 

The rest is history and a few years later, his company, Video Husky is one of the top results when you search for unlimited video editing services online. 

Justin is still fully involved in the operation of Video Husky along with his team of editors, account managers, and other staff members.

Let’s now move ahead to take a look at the plans Video Husky offers and their respective service offerings.

Video Husky Review: Service Scope

The notion of unlimited video editing entails the ability to have numerous videos edited within the duration of a subscribed month. However, it’s important to recognize that while this encompasses all unlimited video editing services, certain providers impose subtle limitations on the extent of their “unlimited” offerings. 

For instance, Video Husky implements caps on revisions within one of their plans and also operates on a one-task-at-a-time basis. Let’s delve deeper into these aspects as we examine the scope and the various plans and offerings they provide.

Video Husky offers a good amount of video editing services. Here’s a look at their scope:

*These services are included in some plans as Director’s Chair add-ons only. 

Here are the types of videos they can help you edit:

And as with most unlimited graphic and video design and video editing services, Video Husky has its limits when it comes to the types of services they offer. 

Video Husky doesn’t,

One of the disheartening things about the services they don’t offer is not having the chance to add motion graphics to your videos. For some potential clients, this might be a problem. Some unlimited design services offer both motion graphics and video editing. In such cases, the output would be much more advanced in terms of quality. 

But let’s not forget that Video Husky is solely a video editing service and this limitation is a fair one. 

Moving on, let’s discuss the detailed scope of what they can and can’t do next, as we look at each of the plans that Video Husky offers.

Video Husky Review: Plans And Pricing

Video Husky’s services are great for short-form content creators to high production houses. 

To review their service scope in a much more detailed way let’s discuss their plans and pricing separately and then do a comparison of the scope of each. 

Pom Plan – $549/month

In the Pom Plan, you enjoy the following benefits:

Here’s a list of video content that they can handle:

Pom Plan – Video Editing Scope
  1. Micro-contents ​
  2. Social Media Ads and Marketing Videos ​
  3. Tutorials​
  4. Review videos​

Here’s what they don’t undertake within this plan:

Pom Plan – Services Not Included
  1. Short real estate house tours​
  2. Talking heads​ (Max 1 camera angle)
  3. Online courses​
  4. Interviews​
  5. Vlogs​
  6. Podcasts
  7. Webinars​
  8. Stream highlights​

They have optional add-ons for this service as listed below:

The Pom Plan is the perfect starter plan for those content creators who are just getting started with their video production. 

However, as we mentioned previously, the limitation on the rounds of revisions that you can request in this plan might be a problem for some of you as it begs the question if Video Husky is truly unlimited in all of their services. 

Eskimo Plan – $749/month

With the Eskimo Plan, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Here’s a list of video content that they can handle:

Eskimo Plan – Video Editing Scope
  1. Short-form social media videos​
  2. Testimonials​
  3. Talking heads​ (Max 2 camera angles)
  4. Tutorials​
  5. Short real estate house tours​
  6. Online courses​
  7. Ads & marketing videos​
  8. Review videos​
  9. Interviews​
  10. Vlogs​
  11. Podcast highlights

Here’s what they don’t undertake within this plan:

Eskimo Plan – Services Not Included
  1. Subtitling or transcriptions
  2. Full podcasts
  3. Webinars​
  4. Stream highlights​

They have optional add-on services for the following:

The Eskimo Plan is great for both short-form and long-form content types. This plan solves the problem of limited revision but the add-ons may be a concern for some of you. 

Siberian Plan – $1,549/month

With the Siberian Plan, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Here’s a list of video content that they can handle:

Siberian Plan – Video Editing Scope
  1. Short-form social media videos​
  2. Testimonials​
  3. Talking heads​ (Max 3 camera angles)
  4. Tutorials​
  5. Real estate house tours​
  6. Online courses​
  7. Ads & marketing videos​
  8. Review videos​
  9. Interviews​
  10. Vlogs​
  11. Podcast highlights or full episodes up to 30 min
  12. Webinars (Max 3 camera angles inclusive of screen share)

Here’s what they don’t undertake within this plan:

Siberian Plan – Services Not Included
  1. Subtitling and transcription
  2. Stream highlights​

They do however provide the following optional add-ons:

The Siberian Plan is almost similar to working with an in-house designer. It has the most number of services. It will be the best option for those with a wider scope of video editing needs. Yet again, the add-on services may or may not be a problem for some potential clients. 

St.Bernard Plan

The St.Bernard Plan is the highest available plan. It’s most suitable for production houses, agencies, marketing, and those requiring white-label services. The plan comes with customized pricing based on your requirements. You can fill out the application form to learn about the custom pricing for this plan. 

Here’s a comparison chart for the Pom, Eskimo, and Siberian Plans that will help you get a better side-by-side view of their offerings and scope. 

Moving on let’s take a look at how you can get started with them.

Video Husky Review: Getting Started And Subscription Details

Video Husky does not provide any sort of trial. However, they provide a 14-day money-back guarantee called an “Avalanche Rescue Guarantee”. This guarantee is only valid for the first 14 days of the start of your subscription. 

If you have doubts about which plan to pick there’s an option to book a free consultation call. The call will also be a sort of onboarding where they take you through the processes at Video Husky. Not only so, but the call gives them an understanding of your video needs as well. 

Even if you pick a plan that suits your needs on your own and sign up, you need to book this onboarding call with one of the team members on the success team. 

Most unlimited design services only provide this onboarding call as a high-tier feature so clients should definitely make use of this call offered by Video Husky to all clients irrespective of their plan. 

It’s crucial to note that they will not assign a team until you first add a request and go through this onboarding call. Failing to add a request and take the onboarding, will render your account unassigned but active and that’s something to avoid. 

Adding Requests And Providing Feedback

Video Husky uses Wrike as their project management tool to manage requests. It’s there that you can communicate with designers and use the video editing tool. And as it is with most of the unlimited design services we know, you have to fill out a form and update your brief as clearly as possible. Writing a good brief renders good results. 

Once the initial draft is ready in 1-2 business days, you can start reviewing your edited video. 

If you need revisions you can simply add feedback using their video proofing tool.

They will continue editing till you’re happy with the output. 


All the video editors and team members working at Video Husky are from the Philippines. And as such their operating hours are Monday through Friday from 9.00 am – 6.00 pm PHT. (GMT+8). They will not be available for communication before or beyond their work hours. 

Video Husky assigns team members like project managers and video editors on a retainer basis similar to having a “dedicated project manager or video editor”. 

All designer holidays and company-wide offs are listed on their website and announced to clients beforehand. 

Pausing And Cancelling A Subscription

Video Husky does not provide a pause option like some unlimited design services do. But like almost all services following this service model cancellations are possible anytime before the end of that billing period. And as per usual you will have access to your files etc, till the end of that billing period. Post the billing period you will cease to have any access to your files or team members. 

Turnaround Times

We observed that the turnaround times vary from 1 to 3 business days across the different plans. However, it’s essential to consider the details. This estimate relies on the clarity of clients’ briefs and the efficiency and clarity of feedback provided during revisions. Therefore, Video Husky’s 1-3 business day turnaround times are not a fixed guarantee. 

This may be true of all unlimited video editing and graphic design services. Turnaround times for the final design can shift based on the complexity of a project, the clarity of the brief, the number of revision rounds, and the way you give feedback.

Video Husky Review: Examples Of Their Work

These examples of video edits done by Video Husky will give you a peek into their capabilities. It will also provide some inspiring ideas. 

For more of their video editing work please visit their website.

Let’s move ahead to take a look at what their clients have to say about them. 

Video Husky Review: Client Reviews

We will take a look at some reviews on their website along with some case studies.

Here are some case studies on why these businesses and brands chose Video Husky:

Video Husky has tremendously helped Jeff Rubenstein, a real estate agent and coach from Denver, and he says this about Video Husky:

“I don’t even have to think about it. And that’s a very good feeling as an entrepreneur – to know that you can check that box for something that’s important in your business, that it’s getting done and to trust the people who are doing it”

Click here to read the full case study.

Video Husky has helped Marting Wong share consistent and compelling content to so many of his fans. He has this to say about Video Husky,

“Compared to other companies that do similar things, Video Husky seems to provide a very good sense of quality and quantity with the price.” 

Click here to read the full case study.

One niche e-commerce business got rid of the stress of editing videos by using Video Husky. One of the core team members of this business says, 

“We went out and tried to find a proven, systematic solution and now we have the confidence that it’s going to get done. We can throw a video in there and in a day or two, it will pop out the other end of the pipe.”

Click here to read the full case study.

For more case studies visit their Success Stories page. 

And with that let’s wrap it up. 

Video Husky Review: Final Verdict

Video Husky proves to be a valuable resource for individuals seeking exclusively video editing services. They even made it to the top 10 unlimited video editing services we recommend our readers to try. Their extensive range of video editing capabilities and the high praise we read from clients, position them as a top choice for many. 

However, it’s worth noting that their focus remains solely on video editing, which may throw off some potential clients. Compared to more wholesome unlimited design services offering graphic design, motion graphics, and video editing all-in-one, Video Husky’s offerings may seem limited. Yet, it’s still important to recognize that their target audience differs, and the suitability of their services ultimately hinges on your specific needs and preferences.

But in any case, if you prefer a more wholesome service – a one-stop-shop for all your graphic and video design needs we recommend checking out Design Pickle, KIMP, REEL UNLIMITED, and No Limit Creatives.

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